How Do DOGS Know You LOVE Them? ๐Ÿงโ€โ™€๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ•

๐Ÿถโค๏ธ Many of the people who live with a dog wonder: How does my dog know that I love him? Therefore, in this AnimalWised video we explain 7 ways to show your dog that you love him. Show your dog that you love him and he will be happy!


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[Music] Have you ever wondered if your dog knows You love them While we can feel our dogs love in a Tangible way we might not be doing Enough to make them feel the same Fortunately animalwise has the answer With seven things you can do So your dog knows you love them [Music] Take them for a walk dogs live for walks But not all are the same Going for a walk with the person with Whom they have the closest social and Emotional bond Is vital for their well-being this is Why taking them outside Is an important way for a dog to know They are loved give them freedom and Walks When we take them for a walk one of the Best gifts of love we can provide is Giving them freedom to sniff Socialize and mark trees to their hearts Content something which conveys love Strongly [Music] Don’t punish them in addition to being Ineffective Punishing a dog can seriously damage the Bond we have built up together It’s always advisable to opt for Positive reinforcement at any possible Juncture

Your dog understands you love them when You treat them with affection and Understanding Understand them taking a vested interest In their education Learning what signals they try to convey And generally caring about their Well-being is fundamental For a dog to feel understood we need to Reciprocate to what they say in the Correct manner Strengthening our bond in the process Find out everything you need to know About canine language In the video that we share here protect Them from danger Protecting your dog from situations Which scare them and making them feel Safe in the process Is essential for their well-being and Peace of mind this will create a state Of trust which they will associate with You Providing them with serenity Spend time with them spending time with Your dog without the need for a physical Activity Is another way for them to know you love Them Play with him perhaps the most obvious Act for a dog to feel loved by their Guardian Is through play when a dog associates Their companion with entertaining

Moments of play A strong bond will undoubtedly be forged How do i know if my dog is happy the Best advice to know if your dog is happy Is to carefully observe their daily Behaviors and learn the basics of canine Communication Especially facial gestures and body Language A dog with a relaxed attitude and not Showing fear in the presence of their Guardian Indicates they have a good relationship Together this lets us know the dog feels Loud Also if you want to know what are the Positions that indicate the dog is happy Don’t miss the video we share here Another way to know a dog is happy and Feels loved is if they act like a Typical dog If they exhibit behavioral patterns of Walking smelling Interacting with other dogs and people Entertaining themselves with toys Or doing anything which makes a dog a Dog we can see evidence they are happy Coupled with a strong positive and Affectionate relationship to their Guardian There’s no doubt they are if you want to Continue learning fascinating facts About dogs we invite you to check out Our playlist on everything dog related

Do you know if your dog loves you Discuss it in the comments And we’ll see you next time

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