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๐Ÿˆ A responsible cat guardian will not only want to ensure our cat is well provided for, we will want to spend as much time with them as we can. This is because a healthy feline/human bond benefits all parties. Unfortunately, there are times when we need to be away for a certain time, leaving AnimalWised to ask how long can a cat be left alone? We learn all about what you need to consider when leaving a cat home alone.


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If we love our feline family we'll not Want to spend any great deal of time Apart unfortunately Modern Life gets in The way and there are times when cats Need to be left on their own animal wise Asks for how long can cats be left alone [Music] Maybe days can a cat be home alone Although it's believed that cats are Solitary and even unfriendly the reality Is very different cats are social Animals according to the opinion of Veterinarians cats can be alone for a Maximum of two days I.E no more than 48 Hours the personality and physical Mental state of some cats mean we can Leave them alone up to three days but They should never be left as long as a Week or even months without family Interaction What aspect should we take into account To determine if the cat can be left Alone as much as three days we must take Into account their routine habits age Physical mental health level of training And personality all these determinants Are important if we leave the cat alone At home we must do so ensuring they're As well cared for as possible during our Absence it will be necessary to take Into account having enough food and Water their litter box being clean and Considering their behaviors when left Alone also if your cat's personality is

Territorial and they are used to taking Walks outside it's a good idea to make Sure we have a cat flap if you know your Cat needs a daily dose of petting it's Likely much harder to leave them alone As you can see a cat can be alone all Day or even over a weekend if they are Amenable to it despite this it's best For all cats to have interaction every 12 hours or so ideally we can recruit a Family member or friend to visit our Home daily so they can both renew their Dishes and ensure the cat is okay some Play play time would also be ideal so They don't suffer from separation Anxiety another important aspect to take Into account is the age of the cat for This reason we'll take a look at when Cats of different ages can be left alone Newborns to one month old cats such Young kittens cannot be alone there Isn't even enough time to properly Socialize them with the objects in their Environment and they won't know how to Eat since they haven't been weaned let Alone know how to use the litter box in Fact all cats less than four months old Should not spend more than two or three Hours alone as they grow their Personality will develop and they will Know how to better manage when you leave The home for any length of time Discover how to take care of a young Kitten in the info video we share above

Young cats after around four months of Age they should be used to their human Guardians being away for stretches of Time if we ensure they are provided for We can go to work or leave the house for A few hours we should never make them Overly dependent on us so it is healthy To accustom cats to short absences we Should start with a few minutes and work Up to several hours especially if they Are young we should leave toys or even Interactive food dispensers when we're Gone Adult cats these are the ones that tend To best manage our absences especially If we have already taken vacations Before here would also be advisable to Use toys although it may be enough for Them to receive a visit every one or two Days since they are often less active Elderly cats in the case of older cats We may require more help as they may Even need up to two visits a day in These cases we should insist on having Someone visit the home to check on them When we are away for long periods of Time asking your visitor for petting Sessions can be a great way to keep your Cat happy in these cases it might even Be advisable to leave them in a daycare For animals where they can receive all The attention they need Finally at animal wise we remind you That under new circumstances can we

Leave the cat alone for more than three Days at a time if you decide to adopt a Cat into your life it's only to offer Them a full life of love and affection With all the appropriate care they need Leaving them alone for 7 or 15 days Would put their physical and mental Well-being at risk if you want to Continue learning about cat care don't Miss the playlist We Share here let us Know what you do when you need to go on A trip by leaving a comment below we'll See you next time for more helpful Animal videos Foreign [Music]

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