How Long is a DOG Considered a PUPPY? ๐Ÿถ ( Behavioral Stages of Dogs)

๐Ÿ• We often want our dogs to stay puppies forever, but knowing the life stages of dogs helps us to provide the right care. At AnimalWised we ask how long is a dog considered a puppy?


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A dog's characteristics and behaviors Change over time you cannot expect a Puppy to behave the same as a senior dog At animal wise we learn more by asking How long is a dog considered a puppy Prenatal period this is the period Between conception and birth while it May seem unimportant a dog's character Will be influenced to some extent by Their prenatal experiences for example If a pregnant mother is subjected to a Lot of stress or hostile environments During gestation the puppies May develop A prevalence towards anxiety Neonatal period from birth to 14 days at This stage puppies are blind and deaf so They only react to touch pain and Changes in temperature however they Continue to be very sensitive to stress So it's essential they are calm and Protected with their mother Transition period this stage lasts from 14 to 21 days the pup opens their eyes And begins to hear to their exploration Of the world really begins it's very Important not to separate puppies from Their mother and siblings at this early Age if we do so they do not learn to Communicate properly with other members Of their species and may develop Behavioral problems in the future Socialization period this is the period From approximately 21 days to 12 weeks And is one of the most important stages

In any dog's life during the Socialization period the puppy begins to Explore their environment in a much more Active way they are exposed to stimuli With which they will have to deal in the Future such as people other animals Noises and objects it's necessary to Socialize the dog well and ensure they Have positive experiences to prevent Insecurity the puppy must remain with Their mother and siblings for at least Two months of age as an earlier Separation can cause serious behavioral Problems In the link above we share a video in Which we teach you how to socialize a Puppy with other dogs Juvenile period this stage usually Develops between 12 weeks to 12 months Although its duration varies it Corresponds to the dog's adolescence They start to become less Reliant often Being a little more mischievous although They can become stubborn or disobedient Without the correct education this is The ideal time to teach them behaviors And skills that will both help them Coexist peacefully in the home and Establish a strong bond of trust with The dog and guardian Discover how to train a puppy in the Next info video we share above Adult period from approximately one to Seven years it's often said that a dog

Is an adult when they reach sexual Maturity at around a year old depending On the breed this doesn't mean they have Matured on a social and behavioral level Once fully developed the dog acquires a More stable character that is difficult To alter Maturity period around seven or eight Years old dogs are considered senior Added to the physical and organic Changes that occur as a result of age The behavior of the dog can also be Slightly affected by the years in General older dogs have a harder time Adapting to changes their activity is Reduced and they spend more hours Resting in addition some pathologies Such as cognitive dysfunction syndrome Can affect older dogs these can cause Strange Behaviors such as wandering Disorientation inappropriate urination Or excessive vocalization If you want to continue learning about a Dog's Behavior don't miss the playlist We Share here at what stage of life is Your dog let us know by leaving a Comment and we'll see you next time Foreign

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