How Many CATS Can You Keep at HOME? 🐱🏠

If you are a cat lover and you are looking to adopt one or more, you may wonder: ”How many cats can I have at home?” or ”Will there be too many?”. In this video from AnimalWised, we explain how many cats can be kept at home without compromising their health or well-being.


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If you are a cat lover you will want to Ensure your feline has a full and happy Life This may mean considering providing Another cat friend for them but how many Can you keep at home together can they Live happily in large communities why is The well-being of the individual Affected animal wised explains all it’s Very important to understand that all Cats need affection and attention Regardless of how independent they seem There are some pads which are Introverted or which do not know how to Relate to other cats so we only provide Them with attention when they need it For this reason Feline educators estimate that we should Have as many cats as we have hands in Other words a single person could have Up to two cats a couple up to four and So on However this is a general indication There are some you have more than this And you are fully capable of meeting Their needs to a high standard also it’s Essential to review your country’s Animal protection laws there are some Countries which regulate the amount of Animals which can live in a home and Some which do not in the US for example It’s up to the authority of each Municipality to know your rights you Will need to consult your local

Guidelines before adopting more animals You will also need to take into account Practical considerations such as the Amount of hours you will spend away from The home as it will impact how much time You can offer each cat here we share a Video in which we explain how to help Two cats get along having 10 or more Cats at home is not an ideal situation And we explain the reasons why here Having many cats can put strain on our Expenses as they need food litter and Accessories for this reason depended on Your financial situation you may not be Able to meet their basic needs even if They are all vaccinated and sterilized The spread of a virus can pass between Cats living together this could result In very high veterinary costs if you Can’t afford this possibility it may Mean you have too many cats in the home In addition to social contact cats need To be mentally stimulated so they don’t Get bored forecast to be happy we need To take into account their daily Routines play with them groom them and Give them the attention they require if You don’t spend sufficient time with all Of your cats it will likely lead to Destructive and problematic behavior Identifying feline language and knowing The character of each cat is important In this way we know if they are well if They need more attention than others or

If we should enhance their exploratory Behavior if you have too many cats it Can be more difficult to notice when They need attention or if they have Developed any health problems for these Reasons it’s important to ask yourself Before adopting more cats can you meet Their needs and provide them with a good Life here we share a video in which we Talk about how to welcome a new cat to The home do you have a cat or are Thinking of adopting another one into The family if so share your concerns and Hopes in the comments and we’ll see you Next time [Music]

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