How Much EXERCISE Do PUPPIES Need? 🐢🎾 Find out!

πŸ•πŸΎ Have you just adopted a puppy and don’t know how much exercise they should receive? In this AnimalWised, video we explain how much exercise a puppy needs to stay healthy and we provide some tips to start their physical activity routine.


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If you’ve recently adopted a puppy it’s Important to consider their exercise Needs Doing so will best help to promote happy And healthy development In this animal-wise video we explain how Much exercise puppies require And provide some tips on how to help Them do it effectively How much exercise does a puppy need most Specialists recommend one to two walks a Day for puppies Lasting 20 to 40 minutes each this is For healthy puppies which have been Given approval by the vet But breed size weight and other health Issues are important factors For example wider or more muscular Breeds such as the rottweiler or pit Bull types Often require more intense exercise when Discussing potentially dangerous dogs Regular physical activity is essential To provide socialization And develop their education however the Benefits of physical exercise for a Puppy Don’t depend on a mind or intensity but On consistency Exercise should be part of a healthy Routine with a balanced diet and Adequate preventive medicine Exercising excessively is a risk to Their health bear in mind that your

Puppy will also need sufficient sleep And rest to grow up healthy and happy Excessive physical activity can Negatively impact their joints Accelerating wear and tear of their yet To be developed bodies In large or giant dogs this phenomenon Increases the risk of degenerative Musculoskeletal diseases Brachycephalic dogs such as the french Bulldog or pug Can suffer from shortness of breath when Subjected to heavy or intense exercise To avoid such adverse situations we need To place a harness on them when walking And make frequent stops to regain cardio Respiratory rhythm Finally if you notice your dog has Breathing difficulties has a cough Or is panting hard during walks don’t Hesitate to take them to the vet Now we provide four tips you should Follow when starting to exercise your Puppy Make sure they’re dewormed and Vaccinated before taking your puppy Out on exercises and walks it’s Essential you confirm their vaccination And deworming schedules are up to date It’s also essential to consult a trusted Veterinarian regarding their state of Health To ensure physical fitness if they’ve Not yet completed their basic

Vaccination schedule You can use stimulation exercises at Home to promote physical Emotional cognitive and social Development from their first few weeks Of life Find out more about education and Stimulation in puppies here Exercise gradually when you start Exercising your puppy you should make Their physical preparation slow and Gradual Ideally start with gentle low impact Activities such as short walks Interspersed with periods of rest your Puppy will become progressively stronger And will eventually be able to Incorporate new exercises Then they will start running going up And down hills but always interspersing With walking and rest Take into account place and the Temperature another important factor When exercising your puppy is the Climate On the hottest days of the year they are Greater risk of heat stroke sunburn and Dehydration Remember to provide shade and cool water During walks In addition it is preferable to exercise Them earlier in the morning At the end of the afternoon or at night When it is cooler

Also be careful of hot surfaces such as Concrete and asphalt In this video we provide a complete Guide on how to take care of puppies Remember that training is also an Exercise training is one of the best Exercises you can provide your puppy This allows you to stimulate not only Their body but also their cognitive and Social skills In addition you can provide basic Obedience exercises to start teaching Them the fundamentals of their education Some examples include recognizing their Name answering your call Sitting or walking next to you if you’ve Adopted a puppy What exercises work best let us know in The comments And we’ll see you next time

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