How OFTEN Should I BATHE a CAT? 🐱🚿 Find out!

🐈 Do you wonder how often you should bathe your cat? The truth is that cats are animals capable of keeping themselves clean. Whether due to a health problem or a stubborn stain, there are some occasions we should bathe them. In this AnimalWised video we are going to explain when, how and how often to bathe a cat. Find out how to keep your feline clean and from what age you can give them a bath.


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Cats are very hygienic animals which Spend much of their day grooming however Whether due to illness becoming Particularly dirty or some other reason It may be necessary for us to bathe them Ourselves At animal wise we explain how often this Should be done and what to do when it’s Time to do so [Music] Is it necessary to bathe cats Cats are animals which dedicate a Significant part of their waking lives To maintaining the hygiene of their coat They groom themselves and each other Using their coarse tongue and teeth to Remove stubborn dirt they only abandon This aspect of their routine when they Are ill or physically incapable For this reason healthy cats which live Indoors are unlikely to need a bath Especially if we brush them regularly if We see our cat’s coat lose condition and They are neglecting it for any reason we Should take them to a veterinarian in Case they are sick Cats are often not very happy to be Bathed the noise lack of control and Feeling of insecurity caused by the Water can make them very resistant to Being bathed for these reasons it’s best To reserve a bath only for exceptional Circumstances and only for cats which Will tolerate it for the rest self

Grooming brushing and localized Cleanings with dry shampoo or cat wipes May be sufficient discover more about Whether you can bathe a cat in the first Info video When can you bathe the cat if we plan to Bathe our cat it’s advisable to accustom Them to both the bathtub and the Hairdryer from a young age Ideally kittens and their mother should Spend the first eight to ten weeks of Life together they can then move to Their new homes complete their deworming And vaccination schedules and adjust to Their new life it is after this point a Kitten can be bathed as long as the Animal is indoors at a good temperature And we use warm water we make sure to Dry them completely learn about why cats Follow you to the bathroom despite not Liking baths in the video above a Problem arises when we find abandoned Kittens which are often very dirty During their first few weeks of life They aren’t able to regulate their body Temperature so it’s best not to bathe Them if possible the extent of their Hygiene will determine this on a Case-by-case basis as it’s not good to Leave them dirty we should clean them With wipes suitable for cats or wash Only the very dirty areas If we adopt a cat that has already Passed the kitten stage we can bathe

Them when they are can and after the vet Gives us the go-ahead Can you bathe a cat without vaccinations A cat’s first vaccination is usually Given to kittens at about eight weeks of Age so bathing is not recommended before This time if the cat is older but not Vaccinated we can bathe them only if Necessary Again we should only use warm water and Dry them completely afterwards if They’ve just been vaccinated it’s best To wait a few days so as to avoid stress How often should we bare the cat The frequency of bathing will depend on The individual cat as we need to adapt To their given needs for example Long-haired cats have different coat Maintenance needs to short out cats and Cats with access to the outside are more Likely to get dirty The general recommendation is that we Shouldn’t bathe a cat any more than once Every four weeks doing it more than this Can adversely affect their coat and skin By removing the protective layer of Natural oils Some cats very rarely need a bath but Feline specific hygiene products are Always necessary contact a groomer if in Any doubt If you want to continue learning about Cat care don’t miss the playlist we Share here

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