How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

People often doubt how often they should clean their dog. It can be difficult when we don’t know the difference between a normal dog smell and an odor indicating they need to be washed. There is also too much misinformation about the frequency with which you should bathe your dog, so we hope the advice and recommendations in this video can help you dispel some of these myths. We also help you understand how important a dog’s coat is in knowing often you should bathe your dog. Check out our original AnimalWised article for further information:

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There are many myths about bathing dogs Some with more kernels of truth than Others One such commonly shared belief is that Washing a dog’s coat will remove the Natural oils in their skin and upset the Ph balance this is not entirely true as It would only provide such a negative Impact if either you wash them Excessively or never wash them at all Nor is it true that your dog will likely Get otitis if you made them ear Infections should not occur if you are Considerate and careful when washing Your dog Another myth claims that dogs which Smell like perfume bathing products will Elad other dogs to reject them dogs have Such a powerful smell that they will Easily be able to detect the dog’s Natural odor under the cleaning power of Bathing products with little to no Effect on socialization The frequency of bathing ak9 varies According to the type and length of Their coat long hair breeds of dogs be More attention as there is a greater Chance of dirt dust and parasites hiding In their fur tangles also occur more in Certain types of coats an approximate Bathing schedule for dogs long haired Dogs once every four weeks medium haired Dogs once every four to six weeks and Short hair dogs once every six to eight

Weeks however each individual dog is Different and some may get more dirty Than others the amount of time spent Outdoors your local weather the Adventurousness of the dog and many Other factors will contribute to the Hygiene necessities always remember to Bathe them with dog specific shampoo and Take them to a groomer if you’re not Confident you can bathe them properly Yourself to prevent our dog from Smelling bad and maintaining cleanliness It is important to brush them frequently It is better to brush them for a few Minutes each day rather than once a Month for an hour Brushing removes dead hair and dirt but It is not a substitute for bathing If your dog wallows in mud only a few Days after bathing you will still have To bathe them again don’t worry about Bathing them a couple of times in a row You won’t damage their coat or skin also In cases where they have only become a Little dirty you can wipe off the dirt Or use a dry shampoo how often do you Bathe your dog do you have any specific Bathing routines hit us up in the Comments with your thoughts and don’t Forget to subscribe to our channel for More see you next time [Music]

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