How to BATHE a DOG Properly at HOME 🐢🚿 (Professional Technique)

πŸ•πŸ’¦ Do you take your dog to a professional to bathe them? It is a surefire way to ensure your dog has their bathing needs met and their coat is kept in proper order. However, it is also a


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Hello and welcome to animal wise Where today we are going to see how to Bathe a dog with medium long hair Like a professional [Music] We must use concentrated shampoo which You should always mix with water In this case we will start with a General cleaning shampoo And then use a hair whitening shampoo Mixed with moisturizer If you are unsure you can always ask Your dog groomer which type of shampoo Would be best As it can change according to the Individual dog’s coat The water should always be warm and be Careful that it doesn’t get into their Ears as it can cause otitis We start by wetting the top of their Coat The dog must be comfortable if they want To stand don’t react negatively They must feel secure and calm [Music] We begin with the cleaning shampoo Starting at the top and with the legs And moving our hands so that the shampoo Penetrates with the water Don’t worry if there’s not much lather Since it will clean the same If the dog has long hair it’s much Better not to rub hard to ask to avoid Knots

Instead take the hair and stretch it This way It’s important to let the shampoo act For three to five minutes so that it Penetrates the coat Use this time to give them a massage and Maintain calm [Music] [Music] We rinse in the same way start with the Head so the suds wash down And remove excess shampoo using the Other hand [Music] Once we’ve removed all the lather and They are still wet we proceed to wash Them with the whitening variety mixed With moisturizing shampoo It’s important to always wash with dog Shampoo since using human products Can alter the dog’s skin ph levels [Music] [Music] We start the same cleaning process as With the first wash If it is a bath to keep hair in Condition we can use a hair mask for Dogs Choosing according to the type of hair We should note that not all dogs bathe The same Dogs that live outdoors take longer to Bathe but this type of smaller dog that Lives indoors and

Often sleeps with us can be bathed every 15 days For rinsing we start again with the head And we pass warm water all over the body For dogs with more hair we can use a Slicker and remove dead hair [Music] We rinse well with water and be careful With the tile as it’s very important to Avoid knots when we dry them We have to gently squeeze the toilet to Dry it a little and remove the excess Water In future videos we’ll teach you how to Dry and brush a dog professionally Thanks for watching this animal-wise Video leave your comments below And we’ll see you next time [Music] You

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