How to BRUSH a LONG HAIRED DOG? ๐Ÿถ Steps to Follow

โœ… Do you want to know how to brush your dog without hurting them? In this video, we provide you with STEP-BY-STEP techniques to brush a dog with long hair properly. Long-haired dogs can be more difficult to brush than shorthair dogs, especially since we need to remove and avoid knots and tangles. This means we need to use the right brush to remove dirt and dead hair. In this video, we see the benefits brushing a long haired dog can bring to both the dog and ourselves, as well as what to do to avoid a negative grooming experience.


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[Music] Hello and welcome to animalwise where Today we’ll teach you how to brush A long hair dog let’s get started [Music] We will begin with a slicker brush and a Flat comb to see if there are any knots To remove them and to open up the hair a Little more We’ll first use a detangler conditioning Spray to hydrate the hair And ensure we don’t break it using a Good amount All over their coat Starting with the legs we have to move The hair upwards like this And with the slicker we can brush in Layers [Music] [Music] So [Music] Hold their leg and pass the slicker so We ensure that there are no knots And that it’s well brushed [Music] If you find a knot like this one here we Need to open the knot with our Fingertips [Music] Once the knot is opened with your hands You brush with the slicker again We keep brushing until the knot is [Music]

Undone If the tangle is still there you have to Brush with the comb Until you can fully remove the knot When you use the slicker we have to make A circular movement You put your thumb here and brush Outwards always Avoiding touching the skin and brushing [Music] Gently [Music] So [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Do We check again to see if the tangle is Gone and use some more detangler spray Using the comb we can see if it is free Of knots If so it’s time to move on to the next Phase To do the tail we spray again since the Tail is longer we will do it in layers First opening out the hair the tail is Usually the longest hair and can Accumulate more knots We do it the same as the leg passing Over the slicker and then combing to Check that there are no knots [Music] For this area we separate as much hair

As we can with our hand And then we brush downwards little by Little [Music] To ensure we provide good coat Maintenance we should do this Once a day about 5 to 10 minutes per day Should be enough to ensure that they Don’t have any knots and make it easier When it comes to grooming them again [Music] Do We do the same with the front paw as we Did with the back one Take hold of the hair if it is up and Brush downwards In spring more leave seeds and other Natural detritus can be found in their Environment So we may need to pay more attention When brushing during this time [Music] Do [Music] So [Music] Food [Music] For the abdomen belly and other parts of The body the same technique is used Open up the hair and pass over the Slicker and check for tangles with the [Music] Comb

[Music] Be [Music] The dog’s face is the most delicate area Since their eyes nose and mouth are very Sensitive We start by lifting the ear and brushing Trying to keep the dog calm So they don’t move around too much [Music] As before we use the comb to remove any [Music] Tangles Once one side is done we can do the same On the other side Starting at the bottom rear and Finishing at the head This video shows us brushing a maltese Dog but you can do the same with almost Any long-haired dog We hope you found this video useful and Don’t forget to check out our channel For more grooming and dog care advice We’ll see you next time You

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