How to Choose the Best Human-Grade Cat Food – What You Need to Know

It’s easy to be confused by all the labels on pet food packaging, but as a consumer and pet owner, you have the right to know what goes into your cat’s dish when you’re paying for it. With the explosion of “human-grade” pet foods on the market unfortunately, not all will pass the test, even if they claim to use human-grade ingredients or are made with human-grade certified recipes. In this video we’ll go over, what ‘human grade’ means, what makes up a healthy diet, and how you can navigate the market to find a high-quality beat for your beast.

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It's easy to be confused by all the Labels on pet food packaging but as a Consumer and pet owner you have the Right to know what goes into your cat's Dish when you're paying for it with the Explosion of human grade Pet Foods on The market unfortunately not all will Pass the test even if they claim to use Human grade ingredients or are made with Human grade certified recipes In this video we'll go over what human Grade means what makes up a healthy diet And how you can navigate the market to Find a high quality beet for your beast When it comes to your cat's food there Is a long list of claims to consider in Deciding what ultimately goes in their Bowl as a diligent pet parent you've Probably noticed that human gray is a Newer label that's having a moment but What is human grade anyway and is it the Right option for your cat it's always a Good idea to chat with your vet before Making a switch here's what you need to Know about human grade cat food its Benefits and where to find it Now let's learn about human grade cat Food defining quality The United States Department of Agriculture USDA and food drug and Administration FDA are the agencies Responsible for regulating what is Acceptable for human consumption as well As overseeing the manufacturing safety

And labeling of pet food these agencies Partner with the association of American Feed control officials aafco to Define Regulatory requirements and proper Labeling for pet products Despite being in existence for over a Hundred years the AFCO didn't have a Definition for feed grade or human grade Food until recently very recently the Association's conversation around these Terms kicked off in late 2015 and didn't Actually wrap up until August 2021. Unfortunately they recently released Definitions are under copyright but Here's the gist The USDA defines which ingredients or Products are edible or inedible for Humans and based on this the aafco's Slightly out of date definition Recognizes human grade as equivalently Human edible The FDA doesn't explicitly Define feed Grade but they are responsible for Making sure food for both people and Animals is safe properly manufactured And adequately labeled But it's important to remember that the FDA does not require pre-market review For pet food and this statement doesn't Help to indicate quality at all we can Also assume that safe is being used Liberally here since ingredients like Guar gum a thickening agent and Carcogenin an emulsifier are acceptable

In pet food yet Studies have shown that These cause inflammation and tumors What's the difference between human Grade and feed grade cat food If the ingredients used to make a cat Food aren't human grade they are often Referred to as being feed grade this Term has 16 meeting to mean Material that has been determined to be Safe functional and suitable for its Intended use in animal food is handled And labeled appropriately and conforms To the federal Food Drug and cosmetic Act unless otherwise expressly permitted By the appropriate state or federal Agency Suitable for use in animal feed But when you think about it this Definition isn't all that helpful yes it Should eliminate ingredients that are Downright dangerous to pets but other Than that it says little about Ingredient quality The term fade grade can describe a low Quality meat byproduct meal but it also Applies to what was once a human edible Chicken breast that has been transported To a standard pet food manufacturing Facility and can no longer be considered Fit for human consumption for that Reason alone Human grade ingredients Human grade pet food first starts with

Human grade ingredients As with all cat food we need to keep in Mind that our feline friends are Obligate carnivores they require animal Protein to survive when it comes to Human grade food you can be sure that There won't be mystery Meats like Byproducts or meal Byproducts while in part are made up of Nutritious organs also contain other low Quality non-meat that allows Conventional pet food manufacturers to Keep recipe protein levels consistent Albeit low quality and cost low mail is Another common ingredient in cat food That vaguely encompasses tissue which is Then cooked by the process of rendering Or cooking out moisture to create dry Tissue crisps Sound unpleasant that's because these Industrial scraps would never be seen or Permitted at a deli counter the lack of Transparency and the exact ingredients And their quality is something Unfortunately permitted in pet food Manufacturing When it comes to a human grade pet food You will see an ingredient list filled With familiar ingredients like chicken Breast or turkey thigh Human grade cat food recipes won't hide Behind byproducts or meal and will Instead proudly towel exact ingredients Like chicken hearts turkey or beef liver

Human grade Manufacturing The benefit of human grade food for cats Is more than the quality of ingredients It's the safety of manufacturing process To label themselves as human grade a Company has to ensure that one all Ingredients are safe for human Consumption and two all food has been Prepared stored and transported for the Legal requirements of food for humans As mentioned earlier the FDA doesn't Require pre-market review for Pet Foods But when it comes to human food safety The FDA regulates non-meat processed Food and the aosda oversees the meat Industry inspecting the pre-market Process thoroughly from The Slaughterhouse where the meat was Harvested the kitchen where the meat is Cooked and the facility where the food Is stored and prepared for transport These additional safety precautions give Pet parents peace of mind Pro tips for picking the best human Grade cat food When it comes to choosing the best human Grade food for your cat here's what you Need to know Read carefully Marketers choose their words carefully For a reason when reading a cat food Label consider made with human grade Ingredients as a red flag this precise Phrasing is probably accurate but when

Using the word with manufacturers are Only required to include three percent Of that named ingredient in the food So even cat food with chicken may have a Lot less Chicken in it than chicken cat Food Something truly human grade would Contain only human safe ingredients and Have the labeling practices to back that Up Human grade food wouldn't contain a Nondescript meat byproduct or a meat Meal as these vaguely named mystery Meats are not classified for human Consumption Ingredient quality and quantity Human grade indicates quality but it's Still important that your cat's human Grade food is packed with protein fats And moisture When reading your cat's food label the First and second ingredient should be an Identifiable meat Source I.E turkey Thigh and turkey breast instead of Turkey byproduct meal but don't stop Reading there This list helps to contextualize the Nutritional value of the ingredients Which is indicated by the labels Guaranteed analysis ga Tells the reader the minimum and maximum Amounts of four nutrients protein fat Fiber and moisture which are essential To cat Health the problem is that the ga

Doesn't tell the whole story so you can Do a bit of math or Googling we're not Here to judge to find the recipes dry Matter basis dbm value the dbm helps to Compare the actual nutrient value of the Food without the moisture content it can Be found by dividing the ga percentage Of a nutrient by 100 minus moisture and Multiplying by 100 to bring us back to a Percent As obligate carnivores cats need a Protein-rich diet light on carbohydrates So an above average cat food should have More than 50 percent dry matter protein With less than 20 percent dry matter Carbohydrates For reference fancy feasts classic Chicken Pate has a ga of 10 crude Protein and 5 carbohydrate But DBA a 45 crude protein and whopping 22 carbohydrate in contrast Smalls human Grade fresh chicken recipe has a ga of 21.1 percent protein and 0.4 percent Carbohydrate with a solid DBA to match Of 62.2 percent protein and one percent Carbohydrate what to look for in human Grade cat food Simply finding human grade on the label Of your cat food isn't enough to ensure That it's good quality food You'll want to pay attention to the Order of ingredients on any cat food That claims to be human grade 2. as with Ingredient labels on human food the

Ingredients of the highest concentration Are listed first and the lowest Concentration ingredients are listed Last Remember human safe food is not always Nutritionally balanced for a cat's needs The best human grade cat food will have The following features High quality protein cats have a higher Protein requirement than dogs and people Adult cats need at least 12.5 grams of Protein daily and nursing cats need 41 Grams However not all protein is created equal Look for food that has high quality Protein sources like Meat and Fish While cats enjoy foods that humans may Not such as chicken liver avoid foods That list meat byproducts on the label These ingredients are often less than Human grade Probiotics to support digestion if Recommended if you have a cat with a Sensitive stomach consider looking for Food with a probiotic in it probiotics Can support better digestion and reduce Symptoms like a sensitive stomach but Remember to always talk to your vet Before adding any type of supplement to Your cat's diet Fiber can also support good digestion so Consider incorporating foods with the Higher fiber content Amino acids and fatty acids

Cal State 11 essential amino acids in Their diets and taurine and Arginine are Two of the most important because they Are only found in meat Amino acids only come from your cat's Diet so you need to ensure they are in The food you provide Fatty acids provide energy and help cats Absorb some of the vitamins in their Food They also help the coat and skin to be As healthy and soft as possible Cats need both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty Acids Adding cat food with white fish or Salmon to your cat's diet will help add Omega-3 fatty acids and food with Chicken fat or canola oil will add Omega-6 a blend of vitamins and minerals Finally make sure your cat's diet has a Blend of vitamins and minerals the Nutritional value of whole vegetable and Fruit ingredients like sweet potatoes And carrots can help add important Nutrients like vitamin A vitamin D and Niacin Minerals are also important for a cat's Diet in the wild cats consume their Praised bones which are natural sources Of iron calcium magnesium potassium Sodium and chloride Domesticated cats need foods with these Nutrients take care of their dietary Needs talk to your veterinarian

Some pet food manufacturers might use The term human grade and marketing a Product that contains just one or two Human edible ingredients so you can't Assume that all or even most of the Ingredients are high quality Unfortunately ingredient quality is Virtually impossible to determine by Looking at pet food labels Talk to your veterinarian if you need Help picking out a food that would be a Good match for your cat's particular Needs So there you have it all you need to Know about human grade cat food If there is something missed or any Extra tips you may have for choosing the Best food for your precious pet please Be sure to leave a comment in the Description box below Thanks so much for watching y'all and Don't forget to subscribe to see our Next video about the animals we love Best

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