HOW TO CLEAN A DOG’S EARS 🐶🩺 (By a Veterinary Technical Assistant)

How to clean a dog’s ears. In this AnimalWised video, we want to explain to you how to clean your dog’s ears correctly, this means doing it safely and effectively. This routine is something which is often carried out at veterinary clinics by a veterinary technical assistant (VTA), someone who is known for carrying out hygiene-related treatments on dogs and other animals. Here our own VTA shows us how to perform an ear cleaning on a dog, as well as showing us what we will need to carry it out properly.

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Hello and welcome to animal wives in This video we will show you how to clean A dog’s ears correctly and safely [Music] The first thing we have to say is that If our dog’s ears are clean it is best To leave them alone we recommend Checking their ear canals once a week if They look clean and there is no smell Let them be for now in cases where your Vet recommends periodic cleaning we can Explain how to do it correctly we will Need gloves gauze and an ear cleaning Solution under no circumstances should You use q-tips or cotton since they can Leave remnants behind which can cause Ear problems the first thing we should Do is shake the cleaning solution we Hold the ear this way so the ear canal Is open then we will introduce a trickle Of the solution while still holding the Ear we perform a gentle massage at its Base by doing this we can get the liquid To be distributed throughout the auricle And remove all the dirt We will do the same technique on the Other ear without releasing their head [Music] And now comes the part that is up to our Dog they need to move their heads so That the dirty liquid can come out if They are unable to do this on the Examination table bring them down to the Floor at this point we will introduce

The gauze by inserting our finger into The outer ear and gently remove the dirt We will repeat the process several times Until the gauze comes out clean [Music] We will do the same on the other ear but Remember to never use the same gauze to Clean both ears as infections can be Passed from one ear to the other at the End of the cleaning we may see that area Is a little flushed with color but don’t Worry this is due to the friction caused By the gods And that is our video for today I hope It helps you to maintain the hygiene of Your furry friend comment about your own Experience and we’ll see you next time [Music] You

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