How to CLEAN your DOG’S PAWS after a WALK 🐾

🐶 In this video from AnimalWised, we show you how to disinfect a dog’s paws after they return home from a walk. While this is not something which may need to happen on every occasion, the lockdown due to the novel coronavirus pandemic means we need to take extra hygiene measures. Cleaning a dog’s paws helps us to remove any material which might help promote the spread of the virus. We also provide some guidance on how you need to approach walking your dog during quarantine.

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The current pandemic situation due to Covert 19 has led governments around the World to take extraordinary confinement Measures which also affect companion Animals in the case of dogs taking them Out for walks as not as it once was Although current advice indicates that You’re not contract to transmit the Novel coronavirus it is still advisable To maintain basic hygiene measures in This animal wives video we explain how You should walk your dog during Confinement and hard to clean their legs When you return [Music] Walking a dog in a state of alarm is not Like before we cannot take them off Leash allow them to run around or Interact with other dogs or people Therefore are things from home should be Limited to a few minutes in the Immediate surroundings of the home this Is necessary to allow the dog to relieve Themselves and it is best carried out When it is less likely there are people Around to minimize contact it is Recommended the same person takes the Dog out each time it’s important to Follow the recommendations given by your Local jurisdiction as there are Variations in the rules given by Authorities in each country now that you Know a little more about how to walk Your dog during confinement we explain

How to clean them on to your home but Before continuing don’t forget to Subscribe to the animal wise channel to Stay up to date on canine and feline Care and for more information visit our Website at their home During confinement to clean a dog’s legs There are two options for the first you Can use wet wipes if you don’t have any You can wet a clean towel and lather a Little of the dog shampoo next gently Rub their paws and gradually clean the Pads digits and nails do the same Procedure in each leg finally dry each Leg well it is recommended to clean Their site with a washcloth for the Second option you can use your regular Dog shampoo place the dog in a basin or Your bath went their paws with some Clean water and rub in the shampoo when You’re done rinse off the lather and pat Dry with a clean towel to take the Opportunity to also clean their spot in No case should irritating products such As alcohol or bleach be used on dogs Even if they lose it in addition we must Wash our hands with soap and water book Before and after the walk also it is Recommended that we clean their toys and Other belongings frequently finally it Should be noted persons who have tested Positive for couvade 19 should isolate Themselves from others including pets Even if they don’t have evident symptoms

They will need to leave their pet in Someone else’s care in the event this is Not possible The Guardian must exercise extreme Hygiene measures wearing a mask limiting Contact with the pet and washing their Hands frequently if you are looking for Alternatives to the usual games you play With your dog to allow them exercise Here and in the description we provide a Video with five ideas to entertain your Dog at home to avoid stress now you know How to walk your dog during the pandemic And what to do when you get home would You like to share any of your Experiences if so share your comments Below give us a like if you find the Video useful and we’ll see you next time [Music]

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