How to Cut a Cat’s Nails? 🐱 STEP-BY-STEP Guide

Do you cat’s claws cause a nuisance to both your cat and your home? Most cats will not need to have their claws trimmed as they will wear them down through their daily lives with territory marking and using scratching posts. However, some cat’s don’t file them enough naturally. In these instances, you might find the cat is overly destructive and even causes you some injury while playing. This is why AnimalWised not only show you how to cut a cat’s claws, but we’ll shoe you when you should do it and what you need to prepare. We’ll also give you some tips on how to cut a cat’s nails step-by-step without causing pain. This means keeping the feline calm and comfortable as you trim their claws. Keep watching to find out how it is done and check out the original article for more info:

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Welcome to this new analyzed video or Today we provide our step-by-step Tutorial and hard to trim your cat’s Nails easily and without pain cats in The wild wear down their nails due to Interaction with their environment such As marking or hunting domestic cats Carry out these behaviors to a lesser Extent and often have long nails as a Result in most cases it’s not advisable To trim a cat’s nails as they sharpen Them on poles scratchers and trees when This does not happen it’s up to us to Help keep them in good condition we will Know a cat’s nails are too long when we Can see them even though they should be Retracted in these cases the cat will Feel uncomfortable and scratch all kinds Of surfaces to try to relieve this Discomfort it’s essential we use Clippers designed specially for cats in This way we can avoid causing any harm Or injury even if unintentionally we can Also find files for felines claws which Provide a more natural finish finally we Also recommend using styptic pointers Sold in veterinary clinics and Pharmacies to prevent bleeding in case Of an accident Neither we have everything we need Here’s the step-by-step guide determine A cat’s claws ask a relative a friend to Hold and reassure the cat gently press The retracted nail to extend it

Completely look closely at the nail to See the life tissue underneath which may Be pink red or black if the cat has a Black claw and you can’t see the tissue Leave it to a professional cut between 1 And 2 millimeters from the nail taking Special care not to cut too far you can Also file instead of cutting with Scissors repeat with the rest of the Cat’s claws remember you need to be Especially careful when cutting the nail As cutting too far can lead to Hemorrhage in addition to being painful You can lead to stress and trauma the Results might be a generally fearful cat And possibly aggression the next time You try to cut their claws now you know How to trim a cat’s nails will show you Some extra tips to make the procedure More comfortable and simple regularly Touch the pads if your cat’s paws to get Them used to being handled avoid cutting Your cat’s nails were especially Agitated or stressed as it’s important For you to be calm as well associate the Trimming of their claws with positivity By petting them speaking reassuringly or Even using pheromones to CamLAN wrap Your cat in a towel like a burrito Without squeezing too much to make them Easier to handle only do this with very Agitated cats as it can often add to Stress and anxiety if possible start This routine early when they are still a

Kitten if your cat is very nervous it’s Preferable to do short sessions over a Day or even a week it’s important to Make them as comfortable as possible Don’t force your cat if they try to bite Or scratch you at the end of this video We’ll give you some tips as they do Become aggressive under no circumstance Should you shout at school or punish Your cat will only make the situation Worse cause unnecessary stress and harm Your bond only use Clippers specific to Cats Otherwise you may cut too much Unintentionally be very patient and Positive sometimes several sessions are Required until the cat is allowed to Properly trim their claws the time Varies depending on the growth rate of The nail the amount of wear and activity Of the cat but generally they need Trimmed every 3 For weeks if we have any doubts about The procedure the cat has black nails or It is very aggressive we can visit our Vet to trim their claws the professional Will explain the steps to follow and Will also have the necessary material if There are any accidents we finish by Pointing out that surgically removing The entire nail known as decline or an Ani ketamine is a cruel and unnecessary Practice which is banned in some Countries in addition to causing pain

And anxiety in the cat decline prevents Them from carrying out normal marking Behavior which is fundamental for their Well-being now you know how to cut a Cat’s nails do you have any experience That you’d like to share with us leave Us your comments below like if you found It useful and subscribe for more to come We’ll see you next time [Music]

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