How to DRY a Long-Haired Dog? πŸ’¨πŸΆ (With a Hairdryer)

πŸ• Ensuring your dog’s coat is properly maintained is not simply an aesthetic problem. If we don’t care for it, it can affect their overall health and well-being. One of the most important things we need to do after bathing a dog is to ensure they are dried properly. This can be even more difficult if it is a long-haired dog. At AnimalWised, we show you how to dry a long-haired dog’s hair using a hairdryer.


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It is vital we take care of a dog’s coat Otherwise it can harm their overall Health and well-being This is why animalwise brings you this Video on how to dry a long-haired dog’s Coat Using a hairdryer The hairdryer we use here is the same as The one you might have at home Since this is a guide for home grooming We will also use a three-step Conditioner to open up the hair Let it shine and to dry faster We spray the conditioner all over the Dog’s coat and separate the hair Spreading it with a brush [Music] Once we have brushed in the conditioner We leave the hair like this And start with the hair dryer on one Side [Music] The temperature of the hair dryer must Be warm not too hot or too cold Need it to be warm because if it is too Cold it will take too long to dry their Coat If it is too hot their hair opens more And can get damaged and it can also burn Their skin We will need to stop the hair dryer Before it is completely dry and brush Again [Music]

Although still down we can see the hairs Open more and becoming conditioned [Music] The more you brush the quicker it will Dry the more volume it will develop [Music] Once brushed thoroughly start drying [Music] Again [Music] We need to start from time to time to Brush any areas which are more difficult To dry Now that we see the hair gaining volume We can continue to dry Once we have done one side we need to Check the brushing and drying has gone Well With a comb review the coat and check The hair is dry and even If any area is not dry we will brush it Again to open up the hair And use the hair dryer until it is no Longer wet we will then do exactly the Same on the other side [Music] Once the entire coat is completely dry We brush again It’s very important when you groom a dog That they are can some dogs can get Nervous Especially if they are usually quite Energetic we need to transmit calmness And make it enjoyable for our dog

Ensuring they don’t get anxious [Music] Once washed dried and brushed you can Use suitable dog perfume And they will be ready we hope you Enjoyed this tutorial Check out some related videos over on Our channel and we’ll see you next time You

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