How to Educate a Puppy – Training for Newly Adopted Dogs

Do you want to know how to train a puppy? Canine education is vital in helping a dog to have a healthy life as what they learn in their earliest days will influence all of the ones to come after. Training a puppy is not always easy, so it’s important you prepare before they arrive in their new family with you. In today’s video, AnimalWised brings you the basics on ’How to Educate a Puppy – Training for Newly Adopted Dogs’. This was you can prepare a little and know what to expect in terms of canine education. To help you get further, check out these videos:

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[Music] The education of a puppy is a process Which requires patience and dedication While there are some general guidelines Everyone should follow the process can Vary depending on the individual puppy Each one will have their own approach And susceptibility for training Something to bear in mind with this new Animal wise video [Music] It’s important before bringing any puppy Into our home that we consider the Decision and approve it with all members Of the family remember that a dog can Accompany us for up to 20 years and your Rule is their Guardian they will need Company Veterinary visits daily walks and all of Their needs met in addition to ensure a Puppy delivers a stable character as an Adult we need to adopt them after two to Three months of life after this point They will already develop canine Language and will have learned from Relating to their mother and siblings You always need to use positive Reinforcement when educating and also Avoid scolding or punishment in addition To readying practical elements for the Puppy’s arrival such as a bed rolls or Toys we need to set some standards and Rules dogs require routine so deciding On mealtimes and walking schedules is

Important so too is deciding on rules Such as whether or not we allow them on The couch these rules need to be agreed And applied by everyone in the family [Music] On a puppy’s first day in a new home we Need to transmit confidence camless and Security we need to avoid overwhelming Them shot him if they urinate or in Forcing interaction let them smell the Environment and adapt at their own pace It’s normal for them to be shy at first Or even cry at night we can reassure Them in the first few days we need to Ignore them eventually so we don’t Reinforce badly Before vaccinations begin the puppy Shouldn’t go outside we need to teach Them to urinate on newspaper by taking Them there after eating walking or Exercising if they urine it on the paper We need to reinforce this behavior Little by little making positive Associations and encouraging this action In the future we can start to stimulate Their cognition by devoting 5 to 10 Minutes per day to basic obedience These include commands such as sitting And stay Once the puppy has their vaccinations And has been dewormed it’s time to go Outside we can teach them to urinate Outside by taking the paper on the Street and following the same procedure

As before it’s also vital we socialize Them with all kinds of dogs and people To encourage positive social behavior of Course all encounters need to be Positive because a fight to generate Fair and even reactively When our puppy is between five and six Months of age we can build upon basic Obedience training by practicing sitting Lying standing and healing commands they Are fundamental for proper communication And for the dog safety we can use treats Caresses or kind words to reinforce when They do well they can start playing Games with the aim to stimulate body and Mind that’s part of an active and happy Life If you want to know more check out the Videos of articles in the description to Develop their training skills by Learning specific commands don’t forget To give us a like if you find this video Useful and subscribe for more videos to Come we’ll see you next time [Music] You

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