How to ENTERTAIN a DOG ALONE at HOME 🐢🏠 (7 Ways)

πŸ• Although it should not be for a prolonged period of time, there are reasons why a dog can be home alone. Especially if they experience separation anxiety, you will need to know how to ENTERTAIN a DOG HOME ALONE. AnimalWised shows you 7 ways to stop a dog being bored when they are left alone in the house.


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In this animal-wise video we explain Seven ways to keep your dog entertained When home alone so you can ensure they Won't get bored [Music] Open the blinds and curtains when we Leave our dog home alone for an extended Period of time we need to ensure we Avoid feelings of claustrophobia they Can too easily become stressed and bored Something as simple as leaving the Blinds and curtains open both for light To enter and for them to see out is a Way for them to feel more connected to The outside world and less isolated Ask someone you trust to visit them when Your dog spends time on their own having Someone you trust come to visit can help Keep them company and prevent boredom in This way they can have a play session With someone else and avoid the stress Of loneliness it's also practically very Helpful as it provides an opportunity to Go for a walk and get some exercise as Well as replenish their food and water Dishes with fresh contents if the dog is In any way nervous it's important the Person who visits is someone they know And trust otherwise an unexpected visit Can be a stressful event instead of a Fun afternoon Change up their toys as do people dogs Get bored when things are always the Same to prevent them from getting tired

Of their toys you can change them every Day every time you go out don't leave All their toys accessible select two or Three and rotate them each time so they Feel novel and help to avoid boredom Use intelligence toys you can also buy Intelligence toys for dogs that will Keep them entertained for a long time These games offer incentives in the form Of treats or fun one of the most useful Intelligence games for dogs suffering From separation anxiety is the Kong by Trying to extract the delicious smelling Treat inside they can be more Cognitively engaged you can even make Your own homemade Kong by following the Instructions in the video linked above Leave on the radio or television the Failing of loneliness increases with Silence particularly with very fearful Dogs they can become upset every time They hear a strange noise as they may Think they're under threat television or Radio are very useful options in these Cases they do need to be tuned to Something which will maintain peace in The home so videos or playlists Specifically designed for dogs are the Best option If you find our videos helpful remember You can help us grow our Channel with a Super thanks Stimulate their nose you should already Know that the nose of dogs is highly

Developed and they love to smell Everything a good idea to keep them Entertained is to hide trinkets in Certain places around the home before Going out so your canine friend can Entertain themselves for a while using Their most Keen sense keep in mind that You should hide the rewards in places That your dog can access without getting Hurt Discover 5 Curiosities about the sense Of smell in dogs in the next video we Share above Adopt another fairy companion it's Probably not the cheapest option but it Is the most Humane and effective it Depends on the age of the dog their Personality and the space you have at Home but it can be a good idea the best Way for your dog not to feel alone at Home and to entertain themselves is for Them to have a partner to play with Remember that even if they keep each Other company this doesn't mean that we Can leave them alone for longer periods Both dogs will need to be fed and they Will miss their human tutors even if They have each other If you want to continue learning about Dog care don't miss the playlist We Share here let us know if you have any Tricks for helping your dog be Entertained by sharing a comment below We'll see you next time


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