How to ENTERTAIN your DOG at HOME? ๐Ÿถ 5 Helpful Ideas!

Can’t get out of the house and don’t know how to entertain your dog? In this AnimalWised video, we look at ways you can keep your dog stimulated and active with homemade toys, simple games and tricks. We explain how, even indoors, you will be able to stay physically and mentally motivated to kelp avoid stress or anxiety in the dog.



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Are you unable to leave your home Whether for sickness or any other reason Keeping your dog entertained while stuck At home is essential to avoid stress to Do this you can practice a series of Games designed to keep their mind active Of course these games do not replace Necessary walking we are unable to get Out you will need to ask someone else to Walk with this in mind animal wise Brings you our list of ideas to Entertain your dog at home [Music] Sowing seeds this is a mental Stimulation exercise which utilizes the Dogs acute sense of smell It also helps promote relaxation and Well-being before practicing any smell Related game it’s advisable to do a task Like this to get them stimulated usually This game is practiced outdoors however This is not possible you can do it Inside all you have to do is take some Treats spread them in different places On the ground turn off the lights and Let your dog find them since it’s dark They will have to use their nose as much As possible here and in the description We show you how you can make a food Dispenser for your dog at home food Dispensing toys food dispensing toys Like the Kong managed to keep the dog Entertained for a long time they work Well as intelligence toys because they

Keep their mind stimulated if you want To add an extra layer of difficulty you Can hide it somewhere for the dog to Find through smell alone of course will Still need to be somewhere the dog can Access and use a food with a strong Smell if you don’t have one of these Toys you can make it at home with Recycled materials by following the Instructions in this video the shell Game this one is a classic with this Game not only will you stimulate your Dog’s mind but you can entertain Yourself when playing the shell game Manages to stimulate and relax your dog At the same time this is because once The dog gets over their excitement and Receives their treat it’s likely they Will be tired afterwards these types of Games are great when other physical Exercise is not possible playing the Shell game is very simple have some Treats and cream equal sized containers Hide a treat in one and move them all Around so your dog has to work out which One has the treat in this video you can See another activity to do at home with Your dog the portrait Homemade rope toy this toy is beneficial Because it helps the dog manage their Stress and strengthens our bond we can Use it in various ways it can be at Either to let the dog chew on their own You can use it for fetch or you can even

Play tug-of-war with it in the last case It’s very important we let the dog win The game so at the time and then let Ourselves win some of the time also They tried to bite us as we tug remove The toy immediately and end the game Next we will explain the best games to Keep your dog stimulated at home but Before don’t forget to subscribe Canine obedience you can make the most Of being at home by practicing obedience With the dog obedience exercises are Very helpful for many reasons they keep The dog stimulated both mentally and Physically they reinforce our bond and They help make daily tasks easier all Obedience exercises need to use positive Reinforcement and it’s not recommended You overdo the sessions it’s better to Establish short sessions of about 15 Minutes each and spread them throughout A given day similarly we avoid any Shouting or hitting here we leave a Video for you to teach your dog to sit If you want to tell us how you keep your Dog entertained indoors please share Your ideas in the comments below if you Enjoyed the video don’t forget to give Us a like and we’ll see you next time [Music] You [Music]

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