How to Gain the TRUST of a RABBIT? ๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿฅ• (9 Key Tips)

๐Ÿงโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ‡ Rabbits are suspicious and skittish animals by nature, so it is normal they may appear scared and afraid when they first enter our home. The relationship with your rabbit needs to be built little by little, with patience and a careful approach. Do you want to know how to make your rabbit lose their fear and trust you? In this AnimalWised video we give you 9 key tips to gain your rabbit’s trust.


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Rabbits are suspicious and skittish Animals by nature The relationship we share with a rabbit Needs to be built gradually with Patience and a careful approach In this animal-wise video we give you Nine key tips to gain your rabbit’s Trust take note to improve your bond Know your rabbit the rabbit is a prey Animal and is rightly cautious of others They often interpret the presence of Others as a possible predator Your main task is to help them Understand you’re not one The first step to getting your Relationship off to a good start is Knowing what intimidates or worries them If a rabbit is scared they will try to Hide or may even be aggressive This means that something you’ve done Indicated you’re a danger to them So it’s best you avoid doing it again Let them know their space if they have Just arrived home Should let them identify their new Environment and feel safe within it Let them walk on their own in different Spaces in the house always under your Supervision Be careful with cables as they may try To bite them and could suffer a shock We recommend you make the area safe Before letting your bunny explore Allow them to sniff whatever they like

And go into every corner When you’re with them be attentive but Keep your distance and don’t manipulate Them when possible This will help them feel less threatened If this is the first time you’re sharing Your life with a rabbit You should check out our rabbit care Guide video where we explain all they Need Give them space respecting their space Is another key factor in your Relationship If at any time they do not feel like Playing or being petted respect their Feelings Allow your rabbit to get comfortable Without pestering them with too much Attention Go to their level we mean literally go Down to their level on the floor where You spend your time together So you’re less intimidating to them [Music] Give them time watch what they do and Let them Come to you when they are ready don’t Push them one wrong move can set back Your progress towards a bond of trust [Music] Have treats at hand keep a delicious Rabbit treat nearby to offer if they are Particularly shy When they approach to take the treat

Stroke them gently without sudden Movements This will serve as positive Reinforcement whereby the rabbit will Slowly associate your presence with Pleasant situations Don’t pick them off the ground rabbits Hate heights as they make them feel very Insecure Try not to lift them off the ground Unless it is strictly necessary Soft tone of voice use a soft and calm Tone of voice whenever you speak to them Avoid yelling or making loud sounds at All costs you should always try to Convey tranquility and relaxation [Music] What you should never do there are some Things you should avoid doing if you Don’t want your little friend to be Afraid of you To begin with it’s important that you Never approach them from behind or by Surprise This will only scare them don’t yell at Or chase them as they will feel you are A predator and will stop trusting you If they’re nervous don’t try to touch Their face nose or chin They will bite you as they interpret This as a sign of asserting dominance If you try to remove them from their Hutch and you notice they are nervous It’s best to wait for them to calm down

Similarly It’s essential you don’t try to force Affection let them come to you when they Feel comfortable You should also ensure you only lift Them with protection for example Scooping them up in a tile and setting It on your lap and holding them to Prevent them jumping or slipping Finally don’t miss the video that we Share here in which we explain the signs That indicate your rabbit love stream [Music] Tell us do you think you’re gaining the Trust of your rabbit let us know in the Comments And we’ll see you next time [Music] You

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