How to Get a CAT Used to a BATH πŸˆπŸ› (4 Tips)

🐈 Do you want to accustom your cat to water you can bathe them without problems? In this AnimalWised video we explain, step by step, how to get your cat used to bathing.


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Do you want to custom your cat to water And bathe them without problem in this Animal-wise video we explain Step-by-step how to get our cat used to Bathing with these four tips [Music] Create a good atmosphere we need to Start by leading up to a bath in small Increments for example we should let Them see a hair dryer before it’s turned On turn it on low away from them and Then slowly move closer We can let them see us showering bathing Or drying our hair before we even think To bathe them We can also use treats and other Positive reinforcement to attract them To the bathroom we can use these treats To bring them into the bath or bottom of The shower without turning the water on Do this a number of times before the First bath so they won’t be scared and Create negative associations with the Bathroom we can also wet them by hand Without using the shower itself start The bath little by little Having achieved these small advances we Can dare to start a bath to do this Choose a time when you have the time and When they are calm If either you or the cat is stressed the Experience will be negative You can hold them gently by the scruff As long as you don’t support their

Weight in doing so Speak softly and use water on them with A shower at a minimum pressure or using A small container The water has to be warm if they react Aggressively or become overly stressed Stop the bath in this case it’s better To start over another day Slowly progress towards shampooing and Drying Do the minimum if necessary We may have no choice but to bare the Cat This can happen if it is part of their Treatment or if a toxic substance has Been put on their coat for some reason In these cases we can hold them firmly And perform the entire bath as quickly As possible Don’t pour water on their faces and it’s Best to avoid the belly area Go over their coat quickly with the Shampoo before rinsing and drying well Although using haste you will need to Remain calm and use positive Reinforcement you may even be able to Clean localized areas without a bath if You use cat friendly wipes The next info video shows you how to Bathe an adult cat for the first time Step by step take them to a cat groomer Finally if absolutely nothing works with Your cat when it comes to helping them Stay in the bathtub but they need to be

Bathed you will have to go to a feline Groomer they may even have to contact a Veterinarian to sedate the cat for Bathing and drying but this is only in Extreme situations if you want to Continue understanding how cats behave Don’t miss the playlist that we share Here let us know any of your successes Or failures bathing a cat by leaving a Comment and we’ll see you next time [Music] You

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