How to Get a CAT Used to a CARRIER? ๐Ÿฑ (6 Tips)

๐Ÿˆ Does your cat not like their carrier? In this AnimalWised video, we show you how to get a cat accustomed to using their carrier. How long it takes for a cat to get used to a carrier depends on the individual, but these tips will help a reluctant cat feel safe and secure in a cat carrier.


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Helping a cat become accustomed to a Carrier can take time but it’s not Something to be avoided when a cat needs To go to a veterinary center you are Traveling anywhere else with them or Even if we decide to adopt a new kitten A cat being comfortable in a carrier is Essential if your cat has not yet Adapted to one this animal-wise video Shares the tips you need to ensure your Cat identifies their carrier as a safe Space [Music] Get started as soon as possible Cats are animals that need a period of Adaptation to new environments something Which varies according to the individual Starting as soon as possible will help Make this process as smooth as can be If you have an appointment scheduled Don’t wait until just before start the Process weeks before so when it does Come time to use it in earnest the cat Will lose any fear of the carrier The carrier is only one aspect of going To the vet check out our first info Video to know more Place the carrier in a safe area For your cat to associate the carrier in A positive way the first thing you Should do is place it somewhere in your Home it considers safe it can be the Dining room or a room they frequent Once located remove the door and place

Some blankets with the cat scent Attached inside when the animal enters We hope they will recognize the smell And lie down to rest Little by little they will associate as A space where they can be safe quiet and Comfortable Use pheromones cats naturally emit Different types of pheromones for Various purposes Facial pheromones are one example when They rub their face against various Surfaces they mark those places as safe Providing peace of mind when they need It you can spray pheromones on their Blankets and in their carrier allowing Them to associate them both as safe Spaces you can even put blankets with The artificial fire moons in the carrier Itself making sure the door is still Removed Use positive reinforcement from time to Time put some tasty treats for your cat In the carrier the feline will then Associate the carrier with rewards and Positive experiences you can also use This step if you notice your cat doesn’t Want to enter the carrier at all Move the carrier to other areas Once your cat enters and leaves the Carrier of their own accord try moving It to different areas of the home Every time you move it don’t forget to Place new treats inside and even use

Their favorite toys to continue the Association with positive stimuli You can also use pheromones on these Objects but never the cat themselves Replace the door When your cat feels completely confident And secure inside the carrier even after Moving it to different rooms you can Reattach the door When reattached close it when they enter And treat your cat at this point we want The cat to tolerate staying inside the Carrier with the door closed in no case Should the cat be in clues by force Forced to enter or be exposed to any Negative situation while inside All this will only cause the feline to Create negative associations with the Carrier and avoid it at all costs Finally remember this whole process can Take varying lengths of time depending On the character and personality of the Cat you will have to be patient and Consistent but if you can’t get your cat To adapt to the carrier despite having Used these tips don’t hesitate to speak To your trusted veterinarian If you want to continue learning about Cat care don’t miss the playlist we Share here Leave a comment with any stories about Your cat and their carrier and we’ll see You next time You

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