How to Introduce a THIRD CAT at Home ๐Ÿฑ๐Ÿฑ๐Ÿฑ (3 Key Steps)

๐Ÿˆ If you want to know how to introduce a third cat at home, the first thing we should do is realize it is often a difficult process. In this new AnimalWised video, we explain how to introduce a third cat correctly so all cats in the home will be happy and able to adjust to the new dynamic. We do this with our three step process of introducing a third cat.


How to Make Two Cats Get Along ๐Ÿ‘‰

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We can often have our hands full helping Two cats get along throw in a third into The mix can cause some serious upset Animal wise shows you how to best Introduce a third cat at home [Music] Introduction of a third cat when Introducing any new cat to another the Process must be slow and careful this is To minimize stress and best achieve a Harmonious coexistence between felines While it can work if we are very Fortunate putting cats in the same home And just seeing what happens usually Ends in disaster for at least one of Them They should also be neutered and ideally Of the opposite sex to Aid coexistence Once we can determine that the cats are Healthy and neutered we need to ensure The atmosphere is relaxed and that it is The optimal time to introduce a third Cat then the process can begin which Should be of three phases [Music] Cat in a separate room The first thing to do is isolate the new Cap for the first few days we do so to Help them acclimatize to their Surroundings without direct contact with The other two cats this isolation will Allow both the new cat and the current Occupants to get used to their presence Through signed and scent alone

Direct contact at this stage can lead to An altercation and immediate setbacks During this time the newcomer can learn To adapt to the new environment in a Room of their own with their own litter Box food water bed and toys It’s a good idea to allow the cats to Familiarize each other’s smell before Meeting by moving accessories from one Room to the other and gauging their Reactions as you do so if you enjoy our Videos feel free to give a super thanks To help us continue to grow our Channel Present using a carrier for a few Moments each day it’s a good idea to Place the cat in their carrier and place It in the same room as the other cats But elevated and away from direct Contact In this way the eyes can make eye Contact and be more aware of each Other’s presence but the new cat will be Protected from a potential attack if the Cat shows any signs of aggressiveness we Need to avoid an altercation and Distract their attention we need to do So with positive reinforcement and to Maintain cam A good way to get the cats to approach The carrier and relate to the new count Positively is to leave some cat treats Or their favorite food slightly away From the carrier without forcing Interaction we can gradually move the

Food closer so they can approach Once we have made progress we can try Feeding all three cats at the same time With the new cat still in their carrier This helps the cats to know the new cat Will not put a strain on the resources And they can avoid insecurity find out How to help two cats get along with the Info video we share above Direct approach When we see the encounters with the Carrier are less stressful and the cats Begin to tolerate each other it’s time To move on to more direct contact if the Cat is calm we can take the new cat in Our arms and sit somewhere close to the Resident cats allow the cat to make the Approach as we maintain contact and Become the mediator if any problem Arises You should talk to them in a pleasant And affectionate way and pet them gently To maintain cam again reward them if Gestures of acceptance appear among the Cats once these meetings are over the Cat must return to their room until they Are completely ready to move on to Unsupervised contact between the three Cats hissing should turn into games and Displays of affection if all goes well As we will have successfully introduced A third cat into the home finally it’s Important that you know that the Resident cats will not always end up

Accepting the third feline it is Possible we have done something wrong During the process or there is a problem We are not considering in these cases It’s best to go to a feline anthologist To personally evaluate the situation if You want to continue learning about the Behavior of cats don’t miss the playlist We Share here how many cats do you have At home are they all happy with each Other let us know by leaving a comment And we’ll see you next time for more Helpful animal videos [Music]

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