How to Introduce Two Dogs 🐶 Meeting for the First Time

Not all people get along when they first meet and dogs are no different. First impressions are important, so AnimalWised brings you this video to show you how to introduce two dogs 🐶 meeting for the first time. You may want two dogs to meet for the first time because you will be spending a lot of time together, especially if they are dogs which are part of your friend’s or relative’s family. Some dogs will get along naturally and easily when they meet for the first time, others will need a little more help when being introduced. We show you how to introduce them, what you need to consider about the individual dogs and provide some tips on how to make the dog’s first meeting go smoothly. If your dogs don’t seem to be getting along after their first meeting, you can check out this article on our site for some more information ➡️

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Have you ever seen two dogs take an Instant dislike to each other is your Dog not great at making a first Impression at animal wise we show you How to introduce two dogs for the first Time to ensure it all goes smoothly [Music] Many dogs especially males will want to Assert dominance over another dog they Don’t know it’s a common behavior of all Dogs but it is also something which can Lead to confrontation this is Exacerbated when we introduce a new Animal into a family with dogs already Present some first meetings will go Smoothly on their own especially if both Dogs are even-tempered others will need A little help to ensure they know how to Behave introducing new animals as part Of a dog socialization and training Process both vital aspects of their Education you shouldn’t let two dogs Meet for the first time unattended Especially if you’re unsure how they Will react when you meet for the first Time don’t let them meet head-on instead Keep them on a leash and go for a walk Together this walk should take about 10 Minutes but keep them separated from Each other they may touch a little but You haven’t let them meet properly if One dog tries to dominate or lunge it The other use the leash to bring them Back in line and focus again on the walk

Don’t school to jerk them away instead Use positive reinforcement to encourage Them when they are behaving properly now That they have spent a little time near Each other we can take it to the next Step keep them both on the leash but Choose wonder stand while the other is Led around the back Dogs have anal glands which secrete a Unique individual smell by sniffing the Gland a dog understands a lot of Information about another it will also Use the smell to remember them in the Future let the dog behind sniff the one In front reward them with the treat or Some other form of positive Reinforcement before making them stay Bring the other dog behind this one and Repeat if you want two dogs to get along They can’t be on the leash together Forever if at any point during the Interaction so far they have tried to Dominate you need to restrain them so They know it won’t be accepted Don’t school the shite but gently use The leash to hold them back once they Are able to be together and behave you Can let them off the leash and interact They may start to test their limits but It’s important to remember they should Always be monitored if they start to Fight then you will need to intervene And put their leash back on until they Behave while this method will help make

Your dog’s first introduction go Smoothly there are some other things you Should consider when they meet puppies And Adil dogs are different puppies will Be in a period where they are learning About the world and socializing is an Ongoing process adult dogs will already Have an established character we need to Know what this is Before we introduce them to others dogs Need to be trained individually first Canine education is very important for Your dog’s development for this reason Your dog will need to at least be taught The basics before they start interacting With unknown dogs teach them basic Commands commands such as sit heel and Stay will help you to better control the Dogs while they are being introduced to Each other when introducing two dogs Which will spend a lot of time together Ensure you do it on neutral ground this Way they are on an even playing field And one won’t have to feel defensive Over their territory if the first Meeting doesn’t go well you should take Them away separately and try to Reinforce their training once they are Better on their own you can try again if They are still unable to be together Without being aggressive or dominant you Should contact a canine ethologist or Behaviorist to resolve the problem this Is our video for today if you have had

Experience trying to introduce dogs to Each other please share it with us in The comments below like if you enjoyed The video subscribe for more to come and We’ll see you next time [Music]

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