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๐Ÿถ Adopting a dog means there will be an impact on the home with many guardians wanting to know how to keep a DOG OFF the FURNITURE. While some dogs will be easier to STOP CLIMBING on the COUCH than others, the method of preventing them is essentially the same. We show you how to train a dog to keep of the sofa with our AnimalWised guide.



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Especially with young dogs it's common For our canines to want to jump up in The couch while we want them to be Comfortable it can be a problematic Behavior animal wise explains how to Keep dogs off the Furniture set household rules when you Bring a dog home it's very important to Already know the boundaries you want to Set an important example is whether you Can allow ready access to outside these Decisions will GR impact their education If you don't let the dog on the sofa but Another family member does it will cause Great confusion in the animal the whole Family must follow the same rules Consistently you will also need to work On training and not give up if they Don't obey immediately don't make Exceptions on a whim tell them to get Down as soon as they jump up in the Furniture letting them climb up Occasionally and being angry when they Do at other times will not only be Confusing it will be supremely Frustrating either let the dog have free Access or be consistent in your Boundaries setting inconsistency is Counterproductive and can be harmful how To prevent a dog jumping on the Furniture the first thing we need to Know is that shouting or physical Violence are never the option we need to Use commands such as using the word darn

And ensuring they know what you mean This means we'll need to make the Appropriate associations with the Appropriate actions and commands such as Jumping up and down look outside for a Place to practice but don't practice Jumping up and down with an actual couch Use a bench or a step for example Start by taking some treats and giving Them one for participation then keep a Treat in your hand to guide them up Using the word up to associate this Action once there reward with the treat Now repeat the procedure but this time Using the word d for the D action repeat Until they understand the exercise these Sessions should be short and intense so Feel free to break and come back to it Later if the dog is getting tired now They can associate the words up and down With the appropriate actions repeat the Process without using the treat to guide Them you can still reward them with the Treat once it's done but don't use it During repeat this session regularly but Eventually only remor them at the end of The training session how long each dog Will need until they internalize the Commands will depend on the individual Once they understand the exercise every Time your dog gets on the couch you Should use the darn command to keep them Off through repetition your dog will Learn that the couch is not a place to

Get on don't forget to be consistent and Always follow follow the rules discover The eight most common mistakes when Training a puppy in the info video we Share on the card above hard to stop a Dog jumping on the furniture when Home Alone maybe you've managed to stop your Dog from getting on the couch when You're present but when you return home You find them sleeping there or quickly Jumping down when you enter it's a Problem for many owners and there is no Easy solution the only thing we can do Is physically prevent them this means Either placing something on top of the Couch which will be uncomfortable if They try to get on or by simply Excluding them from the room with the Couch if you want to continue learning About dog training don't miss the Playlist We Share here let us know how You get on putting these training tips Into action and we'll see you next Time

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