How To Keep Your Pets Safe And Calm During July 4 Fireworks

While many people look forward to the festivities on the Fourth of July weekend, some of our four-legged friends do not and it can be an anxious time for dogs. Dr. Ruth MacPete, author of “Lisette the Vet”, joins Saturday TODAY with tips to help keep your pets calm on the noisy holiday weekend.

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We are back on a saturday morning and While many people look forward to the Festivities for the fourth of july our Four-legged friends sometimes they do Not that’s right they sure are cute Though aren’t they it can be an anxious Time for dogs with nearly half of them Having some sort of noise phobia around 57 suffering from some form of anxiety Yeah there is some good news though There are things you can do to help keep Them calm this holiday weekend and dr Rook ruth mcpeet is the veterinarian She’s also author of lizette the vet She’s here with her beautiful little dog Jets hi jack to hang out and give us Some good advice what’s happening i love That this is jeff’s happy face This is that’s what i think of the Fireworks Yeah like you mentioned a lot of dogs Are downright terrified of the fire no Doubt they cower they hide they run yes And one of the things i tell people is a Lot of people have new pets because of Covid and they don’t know if their pet Is anxious or not so i recommend that People take a free dog anxiety Assessment it’s available at And if they take that and figure out That their dog has anxiety then we’ve Got some solutions that website also Talks about different solutions and also

Signs of anxiety what are some of those Immediate signs of anxiety like how do You know just looking at your dog as the Fireworks start popping around your House yes well hopefully you’re going to Find out before then but Some of the signs are that your dog may Be trembling they’re shaking they may be Drooling they may be panting they may Try to escape and that’s one of the Things that’s really sad is that every Year on the fourth of july a lot of pets Get lost so that’s one thing i wanted to Mention is it’s really important that People actually have make sure that all Dogs have callers with id tags on them And microchips because that’s really the Best way that you’re going to ensure That your pets if they get lost gets Returned to you and try to maybe keep Them indoors yes yes absolutely keep all Pets inside don’t bring them to the Festivities ideally and i know there are Some special treats also that can help Puppies like jet yes yeah there are Calming treats available and then sassy Here is wearing a calming shirt and These shirts actually the way that they Work is that they apply gentle pressure So kind of like a hug He lives up to her name And shirts actually do help with anxiety And then there are pheromones as well No chewing my microphone you guys talk

All right i’m working yes i got sherlock Bones here adorable sherlock bones and It’s not just i mean it’s hot in a lot Of places there’s a lot of other safety Measures we have to consider with these Guys right it’s really important that People think about the fact that pets Are more susceptible to heat than we are So sorry lose it by voice i’ll just keep Going So it’s really important that people are Sensitive to that if it’s hot outside You want to keep your pets indoor when It’s cool make sure they always have Access to water Never leave them in a parked car or Leave them alone And then be careful of the ground Because if it’s too hot for your feet It’s too hot for your pets and they can Burn their little pads And what if you’re just hanging out Indoors but there are fireworks going on Around you you have the windows closed You’re kind of watching them are there Other ways you can kind of create Soothing sounds yes Thank you for mentioning that yeah it’s Really important staying with your pet Is key because that’s going to help them With their anxiety and then playing Soothing sounds to drown out those scary Fireworks so playing the tv having the Radio on giving them toys is really key

So giving them a new toy or treat Something that they can play with to Keep them busy so that they’re not you Know stressed out and they have Something to do this toy is about as big As jet is Yeah stuff in it how does jet do does Jet do okay what the is actually Pretty good but again a lot of people Don’t know that and like you mentioned Fit more than 50 of dogs actually have a Noise phobia so those dogs are going to Be terrified for the fourth of july so It’s really important that people are Mindful of that take the test find out If their pet is anxious and take steps To do things first one thing i forgot to Mention is talk to your veterinarian Because there are prescription Medications that we can prescribe to Help your pet if they have severe Anxiety we should we should have a Conversation You finally got you got sassy here Thank you so much dr ruth mcphee really Appreciate it if you’re interested in Adopting either sassy or sherlock bones Maybe one of us will head to our website for more information Hey thanks for watching our youtube Channel find your favorite recipes Celebrity interviews uplifting stories Shop our favorite deals and so much more With the today app download it now

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