How to KNOW If My DOG is TOO HOT ๐Ÿถโ˜€๏ธ (3 Signs of Overheating in Dogs)

๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ’ฆ If you want to avoid heat stroke in your dog, you need to know whether they are overheating in the first place. In this AnimalWised video on caring for dogs in summer, we explain how to tell if a dog is hot. This way you can detect if your dog is overheated and act quickly to cool them down. We also explain the normal temperature of dogs and how extreme heat affects them.


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[Music] Overheating can have serious Repercussions on your dog’s health even Threatening their life at animalwised we Look at how to know if your dog is too Hot so you can cool them down and keep Them safe [Music] What is the normal temperature of a dog The normal body temperature of dogs Should be in the range 38.3 to 39.2 Degrees celsius or 101 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit This is warmer than humans so we cannot Use the latter as a reference A dog’s coat serves as both protection Against the sun and as a thermal Regulator Even if it is hot we should not shave it And it can be counterproductive to cut It too short and some breeds If we are in doubt it’s best to consult A qualified groomer Dogs don’t sweat like humans do they Mainly regulate their temperature with Panting this means they can have less Tolerance to heat as ambient Temperatures rise and approach body Temperature panting is not always the Most effective method of cooling when Temperatures rise we need to be Especially careful with puppies elderly Dogs those with poor health obese dogs Are those which are considered

Brachiocephalic When a dog is overheating they will Display certain signs here we look at The three main signs your dog is too hot Reduction of activity A dog that feels hot tends to slow down Their movements we will likely observe Them lying down stretching out flat on The ground or seeking cover in shady Areas Excessive panting when dogs get too hot They will pant more with their tongue Outside of their mouths panting also Occurs more if a dog is exercising on a Hot day Red mucous membranes If we open a dog’s mouth and see their Gums and tongue are deeper red than Usual this can signify they are too hot Observing any of these behaviors or Signs in our dog tells us they are Overheated we will have to act quickly To provide them with a cool space Don’t forget that excessive heat capable Of raising their body temperature above Normal is potentially dangerous Learn about other reasons your dog is Panting a lot in our first info video Above if you’re enjoying this video Remember you can help us continue to Grow by providing a super thanks [Music] How does heat affect dogs If a dog becomes too hot their body

Temperature raises above 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees fahrenheit And they are unable to cool down they Are at risk of heat stroke This can be fatal especially in already Vulnerable dogs Symptoms of heat stroke include very red Mucous membranes intense panting thick Pasty saliva respiratory difficulties Vomiting diarrhea shock convulsions and Eventually death in the most serious Cases Our next info video reveals more about Signs your dog is dying overheating in This way is a veterinary emergency the First step you need to take is to lower The dog’s temperature and stabilize them Heat stroke causes the death of many Dogs every year so we need to take Action quickly and adopt the appropriate Measures If you want to continue learning about Dog health and behaviour don’t miss the Playlist we share here let us know how You care for your dog in summer and We’ll see you next time You

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