How to KNOW if My Guinea Pig is HAPPY 🐹 (7 Signs of Happiness in Cavies)

If you have been living with a guinea pig for a few months, it is normal to wonder how well they are doing. Since they are sensitive animals we want to know how to tell if my guinea pig is happy since an unhappy cavy will mean their health can deteriorate. Find out the signs of happiness in guinea pigs to determine whether your guinea pig is feeling happy and they love you.


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A good guinea pig Garden will do all They can to ensure their animals Happiness animal wise shows you seven Signs that you're succeeding [Music] They make small jumps and run A curious characteristic behavior of Guinea pigs is an action known as Popcorning these are short but intense Episodes during which the animal runs Around very fast making haphazard Changes in Direction accompanied by Short sharp jumps reminiscent of popcorn Kernels popping it conveys a happy and Playful disposition they want to Interact with you The fact that a guinea pig is calm in Your presence is able to sleep beside You accepts food from your hand allows You to pet them or even follows you Around means your guinea pig loves and Trusts you they will only feel Comfortable being around you if they are Happy To ensure a healthy and happy friendship Can be created between you and the Guinea pig it's necessary to understand Their communication and respect their Space Discover how to gain the trust of a Guinea pig in the video we share above Lick or nibble your hand gently a sure Sign of the affection a Cathy can have With their Guardian is licking and

Gently nibbling us they do so Continuously and without inflicting pain Often on our hands or skin but also on Clothes this can be a way to get our Attention and interaction it's important To distinguish between this behavior and Biting roughly if they bite you hard and Even cause you injury it means they're Uncomfortable scared or simply want to Be left alone enjoy the company of other Guinea pigs Guinea pigs are social animals in the Wild they live in groups of moderate Size they generally enjoy the company of Other members of their species with whom They can interact having more than one Guinea pig at home often improves the Quality of life of these animals as it Provides them company but it will depend On the individual animal they remain Active and in good shape guinea pigs are Very active rodents especially during The day it should be easy for you to see Them running around exploring their Environment playing with toys going up And down platforms and carrying out a Wide variety of behaviors in order for Your guinea pig to conserve energy and Be happy you must give them plenty of Space let them out of their cage and Provide a high quality balanced diet Keeping their mind active is just as Important so we recommend you play with Your guinea pig provide challenges they

Can easily overcome or even teach them Tricks make signs of happiness for Example a series of high-pitched Repetitive squeaks may be an indication Your guinea pig is feeling relaxed and Secure they may even want your attention Chatting is a low frequency sound Similar to a soft croak and it expresses Well-being and comfort in the animal Hearing the sound while you pamper your Guinea pig is a very good sign if you Want to know the meaning of the signs That guinea pigs make don't miss the Next video we share rest easily another Way to know if your guinea pig is happy Is by analyzing their hours of rest just As they are very active beings it's also Essential your guinea pig rests well in Order to be happy these animals mainly Sleep at night although they can be seen Taking short daytime naps guinea pigs Like to rest in dens so you should Ensure that your guinea pig has a closed Quiet and dimly lit space where they can Sleep in complete peace If you want to continue learning about Other small mammals don't miss the Playlist We Share here are you having Trouble bonding with your guinea pig let Us know if this video has been helpful In determining why we'll see you next Time [Music]

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