How to KNOW if My HAMSTER LOVES ME ๐Ÿน (5 Signs to Look Out For)

๐Ÿน If you are not sure whether your hamster has affection for you, you may what to know how to KNOW if my HAMSTER LOVES ME? This new AnimalWised video shows you how to do just that by providing the 5 main signs that indicate your hamster loves you. Discover more about hamster communication and how they show their love to their human guardians.


10 Facts About Hamsters – Fun and Helpful Info ๐Ÿ’– ๐Ÿ‘‰

Although their methods of communication Are different to ours hamsters show Their love in their own way animal wise Explains the five signs a hamster loves You They look for you hamsters are curious Animals and can recognize people who Provide them with food and care if your Hamster looks for you when you approach Their cage it may be a sign they Recognize you and are happy to see you This can be especially apparent if the Hamster runs around when they hear your Footsteps or stands on their hind legs To sniff and see who's coming If your hamster is shy or skittish you May need to gain their trust so they Become more comfortable in your presence And seek you out more often they follow You with their eyes hamsters are very Curious and observant animals so it's Common for them to follow people who Move around with their eyes if your Hamster is following you with their eyes It may be a sign they are interested in You and want to know what you're doing It can also be a way to stay alert and Vigilant since hamsters are natural prey In the wild they snuggle in your hand if Your hamster snuggles into your hand or Lets themselves be held by you it's a Sure sign they trust you and feel Comfortable with you this can be Especially significant if your hamster

Is shy or fearful as it means they feel Safe in your presence when a hamster Snuggles into your hand it can also be a Sign they are looking for warmth and Comfort since hamsters are animals that Are comforted by physical contact They are still when you pet them if your Hamster stays still and relax when you Pet them it's a sign they enjoy physical Contact with you hamsters are very Sensitive animals so it's important to Pet them gently and carefully to avoid Hurting or scaring them if your hamster Is comfortable with your touch they may Even close their eyes and purr with Contentment Discover 10 fun facts about hamsters in The video we share on the card above They give you kisses when hamsters lick Each other it's a sign they are showing Affection and care if your hamster licks Your hand or face it's a way of telling You they consider you part of their Social group and that they trust you This can be especially significant if Your hamster is a bit shy or suspicious As it means they're willing to develop a Close relationship with you it's Important to note that hamsters have Different ways of showing affection and Some may be more reserved than others But if your hamster gives you little Kisses it's a sure sign they love and Respect you remember that each hamster

Is unique and can show their love in Different ways but paying attention to These signs can help you determine if Your hamster loves you If you want to continue learning about Hamsters don't miss the playlist We Share here Do you know if your hamster loves you Let us know hi by sharing in the Comments and we'll see you next time [Music] Foreign

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