How to LEAVE a CAT HOME ALONE ๐Ÿฑ๐Ÿ  (Tips and Care)

๐Ÿˆ Do you have to leave your cat HOME ALONE for several days? If you are unsure how to provide for your cat’s wellbeing during this time, we show you what you need to prepare if you are going on vacation or otherwise leaving the cat on their own for more than 8 hours.


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If you have to leave the house for any Extended period of time your cat's care Needs must still be met animal wise Explains what they are and how to meet Them [Music] Use an automatic dispenser we can buy an Automatic food and water dispenser but There is an important Proviso do not Make the first time you use it the day You leave we need to ensure our cat will Be able to use it without problem so Install it weeks before your departure And let them become well acquainted just Because we are away doesn't mean the Cat's diet should change as you can see In the info video we share above leave Several shelters we should ensure the Cat has every opportunity to be Comfortable when we leave this means Leaving more shelters and hiding spots With cushions and comfortable spaces This way they will have more choice and Greater opportunity to feel protected Leave interactive toys with sounds in Doing so we stimulate their cognitive Development while also helping them have Fun and feel less alone Consider their litter box when a litter Tray is sufficiently dirty the cat will Stop using it cats are very hygienic Animals so we need to meet their Standards one way we can do this is Through leaving multiple litter boxes

With clean litter if we only have one Litter box we will need to ensure Someone is able to come round and clean It another important aspect concerning The cat's litter tray is their physical Well-being since litter trained cats Expect to use their littered box having Only dirty ones available can lead to Urinary infection this disease and Others affecting the genital urinary System can affect even the healthiest Cat this is only one reason we need to Ensure we leave contact details and a Plan of action with anyone who keeps Them company while we are away You like this animal Wise Video remember That leaving a super thanks can help us Continue creating the content you enjoy Make sure they receive daily visits we Should have someone visit the cat at Least once a day this should be someone The cat already knows and who is Sufficiently responsible to meet their Care needs they can interact with the Cat to ensure physical and mental Well-being discover the amount of time You can leave a cat home alone in the Next info video above avoid having dogs In the house leaving two cats Home Alone Together can be a great idea as it Allows the felines to keep each other Company if you do the same with a dog You need to ensure the animals have a Strong enough Bond and will treat each

Other well even when their Guardians Aren't present we should never leave the Cat home alone if they have significant Health problems under no circumstances Is this justifiable since the cat's Health problem May worsen and we will Have to live with any Associated guilt Of causing harm to the cat If you want to continue learning about Cat care don't miss the playlist We Share here let us know how you provide For your cat while you're away on Vacation and we'll see you next time [Music] [Music]

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