How to Make a BOW TIE for DOGS

Welcome to this new AnimalWised video. Today we are going to show you how to make a BOW TIE for Dogs. It’s very easy and lends your pet the kind of graceful air you think they deserve. This is the power of the bow tie. You can also use a smaller piece of material if you want to make a bow tie for cats as well. You may think bow ties are only for weddings and science professors, but there is no reason your beloved dog or cat can’t look just as smart in their own DIY bow tie. Whether you want your dog to have an every day bow tie or you want to save this bow tie style for special occasions (such as birthdays or Christmas), they couldn’t be easier to make. Here we show you how to make your own bow tie for dogs and cats with just a few pieces of fabric and a needle and thread.

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[Music] Hello and welcome to animal wised if you Want to smarten up your cat or dog you Can’t go wrong with this homemade bowtie Video [Music] To make your DIY bowtie you will need a Rectangular piece of fabric measuring 20 By 30 centimeters and a smaller piece Measuring 4 by 9 centimeters you will Also need some needle and thread and a Stretchy piece of fabric to tie our boot Time the first step is to take our piece Of larger fabric and fold it in half Taken into account to the side of the Fabric you want to be visible needing to Be on the inside once folded sew the Edge when we’re confident our stitches Are in place turn the fabric inside out And leave the line of stitches at the Top then we repeat the process of Folding the fabric sew in the edge and Turning inside We then take the small piece of fabric And fold it lengthwise to see where is The center this will serve as a guide so We can fold the fabric into quarters [Music] Finally fold the fabric once more and Sew it into place take the fabric we Have for the bowtie and make three small Folds like this so we give shape to Using needle and thread make a couple of Stitches to hold it in position finally

Wrap the strip of fabric around the Center of the loop we need to remember To fold the piece of fabric like so to Stop the CIMA from showing once in Position so again trim the excess thread And we have our bow time to be able to Secure it to our pet we can simply Thread an elastic strip through the Fabric so that we can put it over our Pets head [Music] Let’s try it with our dog yeah thank you So much for watching give us a like if You found it helpful and subscribe for More we’ll see you next time [Music]

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