How to Make a Dog Live Longer – 10 Tips

Thanks to the greater availability of preventative medicine and improvements in the quality of veterinary care, the life expectancy of domestic animals has greatly increased in recent years. However, the care human guardians provide to their dogs has a large bearing on their health and well-being, so we can’t simply rely on veterinary medical health professionals to do all the work. With the busyness of our lives and myriad responsibilities, we all can struggle with providing the best care for our animal companions. While certain pathologies or health issues are simply unavoidable, there is a lot we can do to try to make a dog live longer. There no guarantees in life, but by following these 10 tips to help your dog live longer from AnimalWised, you can ensure you give your dog the best chance at life, whether they are a puppy, adult or elderly dog.

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Thanks to the greater availability of Preventative medicine and improvements In the quality of veterinary care the Life expectancy of domestic animals has Greatly increased in recent years However the Karen human Guardians Provide to their dogs has a large Bearing on their health and well-being So we can’t simply rely on veterinary Medical health professionals to do all The work in this animal wise video we Show you what you can do to help your Dog have a long and happy life Food is a fundamental aspect of canine Care and well-being offering a balanced Diet with adequate nutrients not only Helps us to prevent obesity but assists In avoiding many other nutrition related Health issues it’s also important to Adapt feeding habits to the needs of the Individual animal taking into account Breed age sex lifestyle and of course Medical history to provide the right Amount and quality of food we can opt For a diet based on food with quality Nutrition levels but we can also consult A veterinarian about the possibility of Alternate recipes [Music] Taking care of a dog’s teeth is not Always as different from our own teeth The formation of tartar and gingivitis Are common canine health problems and if Left untreated can lead to very serious

Dental disease These may include premature tooth decay Abscesses and even periodontal Infections the best way to prevent this Is by maintaining an adequate dental Hygiene routine [Music] Brushing is probably the most important Aspect of caring for a dog’s coat Especially in long-haired breeds after Choosing the right brush for your dog Establish a weekly brushing routine Brushing between 1 and 3 times a week Depending on the length and texture of Individual dog’s coat this will help Remove dirt and tangles you’ll also be Able to observe if there any parasites Present in the dog’s coat and the Grooming itself strengthens the bond we Have with the animal regular baths are Also essential to keep the dog’s skin Clean and healthy at the same time over Bathing is not healthy so only wash them Between 1 and 3 months at most And don’t forget to use products that Are specific to canines [Music] [Music] A regular exercise routine for your dog Helps them to channel energy release Stress and to muscle in fact it is key In helping your dog to live longer and Better even so you should take into Account the limitations of each animal

Since intense uncontrolled exercise can Be as harmful as avoiding it altogether Mental stimulation is just as vital as Physical exercise but is often easily Neglected we need to know that it Affects the welfare of the dog in a Similar way providing mental stimulation Whether through intelligence games Canine training or scent based games is Essential to maintain good mental health And cognitive acuity Additionally mental simulation helps to Improve the bond with their owner is Useful in preventing cognitive Dysfunction syndrome and helps reduce The likelihood of such behavioral Problems as destructiveness [Music] Hello it seemed obvious keeping the high Screen with enzymatic products and Avoiding harsh chemicals improves their Well-being it also avoids agitating the Well-developed sense of smell Furthermore encourages camless and Stability resulting in the dog having a More comfortable and harmonious home Life deworming dog should be carried out Both internally and externally and is a Key aspect to their care this is because The parasites they help to avoid our Vectors for serious diseases Necessitating the deworming in the first Place check with the trusted Veterinarian about the best products to

Use for your dog following the dogs Vaccination schedule will help us to Prevent many diseases which cannot be Treated once contracted these include Parvo virus or distemper In addition regular visits every 6 to 12 Months will help us detect any changes In our dog making a good prognosis Likelier There are many advantages to sterilizing Dogs including greater longevity and the Prevention of various diseases these do Vary depending on the text of the animal An age at which they are sterilized will Also help prevent unhealthy exploratory Behavior inappropriate sexual behavior And aggression the latter being Particularly important for male dogs we Want to show you some symptoms of a dog Which is unwell or likely to exhibit Some health problems paying attention to The following details means you can take Them to a vet or canine ethologists to Rule out any anomaly Finally if you’re thinking of adopting a Dog for the first time we want to stress The importance of investigating the Health issues related to any specific Dog in terms of breed age and medical History a committed tutor is the best Way to having a happy and healthy dog Now that you know our helpful tips to Engender a long life for your dog is There anything else you’d like to add if

So leave us a comment and don’t forget To give us a like subscribe to the Channel for more helpful pet care videos And stay up to date with all our content We’ll see you next time [Music]

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