How to Make BARF Dog Food RECIPES

If you haven’t heard of the BARF diet for dogs 👇, then it is easy you might be a little confused. To help understand, BARF stands for Bones And Raw Food. This means providing food for a dog which incorporates raw meat since a dog’s diet should be mainly meat orientated. This doesn’t mean we can’t provide some suitable fruit and vegetables, but you’ll need to have them in the right proportion to have the healthiest of dogs. Here we are providing the basics of the BARF diet so you have everything you need to know about feeding a raw diet to your dog. We will give you the quantities for each ingredient, but will also show you the general considerations you need to make when feeding your dog a raw food diet. 👉 If you want to know more about BARF diets for dogs, you can head on over to our site and take a look at some more background information: 🔸 🔸

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Hello and welcome to animal wise where Today we’re looking at a very simple Barf recipe for our pet [Music] This video recipe is for a dog of around 30 kilograms with a low amount of Exercise daily we’re going to give them A double portion which amounts of 600 Grams in total this includes 50% meat on The bone 30% of meat or fish 10% of awful and 10% Of fruit and vegetables when we are Starting our dog on a barf diet it is Advisable not to start with an advanced Menu instead we can use a simple one Where we have chicken meat as the Protein since it is easily digested and Vegetables such as grated carrots or Cooked squash in this case the meat in The bone we’re using is a chicken Carcass since we’re using 300 grams of Chicken carcass we will put a hundred 80 Grams of meat to give us the 30% of our Total we use 10% awfull which should Always be 5% liver and 5% something else And then we add 60 grams of fruit and Vegetables it’s important we don’t give Our dog the same thing every day but Vary the protein we give them between Different meats and fish throughout the Week additionally we can also add some Other products such as eggs to their Weekly portions the dog will run 30 Kilograms you can give around 2 or 3

Eggs a week this is our video for today If you find it helpful give us a like Don’t forget to subscribe and we’ll see You next time [Music]

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