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🐈 Stress in cats requires an immediate response in order to avoid any complications. This AnimalWised video explains how to RELAX a STRESSED CAT. Find out what to do if your CAT is STRESSED with these 10 TIPS to REDUCE STRESS in CATS.


11 Causes of Stress in Cats 👉
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[Music] If your cat is in need of some cam Animal wise provides the most effective Ways to relax a stressed feline [Music] Take care of their diet many commercial Feeds for cats have specific Formulations for various cat types Including those experiencing times of Stress an organism under the influence Of stress has slightly different Nutritional needs and requires more Energy to cope with a state of alertness Which stress causes it's recommended to Change a stressed cat's diet to help Them stay healthy however any change of A cat's diet must be done progressively To avoid digestive complications which Can arise Offer a safe and calm environment this Is especially the case if they live with Other animals with this being a common Cause of stress in cats if we detect the Company of other animals aggravating the Cat's stress it will be necessary to Keep the animals separated for a while Until the cat can recover we can then Work in their education to foster a Peaceful coexistence discover the main Causes of stress in cats with the first Info video we share above Clean their litter box well we know the Cats are extremely fussy about Cleanliness and are very hygienic

Animals a dirty litter box can be one of The triggers for stress and cats to help Them feel calm we will have to monitor The state of the cat's litter box daily And maintain it in the best possible way This can provide great benefit to a Stressed cat Spend more time with them we need to Find time each day to spend with our cat Find a quiet space where we can speak Encouragingly provide plenty of Affection and play with them without Crossing their boundaries always monitor For aggressive behavior and Retreat when It appears playing with a cat correctly Is an incredible tool to manage stress Since the best remedy for this condition Is to keep the cat active and channeling Their physical and emotional anxiety Into something more healthy Try catnip or Valerian we cannot ask our Cat to meditate when they want to calm Down but we can help them with some Natural substances catnip is a strong Scented plant which can provide Different reactions in cats this is due To the attractant known as the Petalactone which catnip contains cats Can respond differently with some being More energetic than others but they Often feel very calm and relaxed Afterwards it doesn't affect all cats so We can try using Valerian as an Alternative in these cases

Visit the vet a stressed cat can present With multiple health problems from Infectious diseases to alopecia Allergies and various skin disorders It'll be essential for a veterinarian to Assess the cat's state of health to Start drug treatment when necessary Another important reason to go to the Vet when your cat is stressed is because A physical illness may be the underlying Cause and it's important to rule out This possibility Create an anti-stress Zone build a place Where the cat is more secluded and quiet For example some cats like to hide under Surfaces so it's not a bad idea to Create a little cat cave for them in Doing so be careful the cat doesn't feel Cornered and under no circumstances Confine them against their will Let them Mark as part of healthy feline Behavior marking helps cats de-stress And turn an unknown Place into something Familiar See them rubbing against the furniture Or marking with their paws let them do So within reason These relaxing music Stress in cats can be caused by noises That are too loud for them such as Construction or a baby crying try Playing relaxing music for cats or white Noise and stay with them to gauge their Reaction check the link above to hear

Some relaxing music for stressed cats Spread out their toys If you see they have one or more Favorite places you can leave their Accessories and toys for them if there's A place where they are afraid but find Their positions are there they'll feel More secure and will probably relax if You want to continue learning about cat Care don't miss the playlist We Share Here Do you have any issues with your cat Feeling stressed let us know how you Calm them down and we'll see you next Time [Music]

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