How to REPEL FLEAS From the HOME πŸͺ³βŒ 5 Natural Remedies βœ…

If you don’t want to use commercial flea repellents in the home, AnimalWised explains how to repel fleas from the home with these 5 natural home remedies to get rid of fleas. They should not be used on your pet, but they can be used after deworming and a deep clean of the home to help fleas stay away.


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Although these flea home remedies from Animal wise shouldn't be used to treat Flea infestations on a pet they can Provide a good alternative to Commercial Home flea sprays which use synthetic Chemicals [Music] Neem oil neem is a tree that grows in Tropical areas and has insecticidal Properties preventing certain species From completing their development for This reason it can be used as a Preventive for fleas in the home Especially if you spot flea larvae and Eggs pour a tablespoon of this oil in Half a liter of water and put it in a Spray bottle spray carpets furniture and Kitchen surfaces repeat the procedure Every five days for two weeks after a Deep clean Cedar bark Cedar is a popular tree for The smell of its trunk a property that Has been used since ancient times to Repel insects which is why it is among Our list of flea repellents acquire some Pieces of the bark and place them under And behind your furniture in this way You might scare away annoying external Parasites you must use this method in Conjunction with other Home flea Products to be effective Apple cider vinegar this is a common Ingredient in all kinds of home remedies And cleansers the way to use vinegar for

Fleas is to mix equal parts with water And scrub the floor with the solution However vinegar's essentic acid content Means it should not be used on surfaces Such as marble Stone waxed wood or cast Iron Aromatic plants these plants may serve As a repellent for fleas since the odors They emit are strong and can be Unpleasant for insects such as flies and Mosquitoes we recommend placing basil Citronella lavender mint chamomile or Thyme plants in various locations Including near doors and windows this is Because this trick used to repel fleas At home will work in the area close to The plant and it allows you to keep your Home smelling Pleasant at all times some Of these odors are unpleasant to dogs so Bear that in mind when using them Discover the smells that dogs hit in the Video we share it on the card above [Music] Lavender and olive oil another way to Repel fleas from home is through one of The most used oils in the world olive Oil when mixed with another product such As lavender oil Take half a liter of water and mix with 10 drops of lavender oil and 2 Tablespoons of olive oil in a spray Bottle shape to mix and spray your house With the preparation being careful of Delicate textiles this and the rest of

The home remedies to repel fleas should Only be applied after deworming and deep Cleaning the home after two weeks repeat The cleaning and apply again if in four Weeks the problem persists you should go To a specialist to fumigate the home If you want to continue learning about Animal care don't miss the playlist We Share here let us know if you have Experience with fleas and we'll see you Next time Foreign

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