How to Slow Your Dog’s Eating – 8 TRICKS and EXERCISES

Do you want your dog to eat more slowly? πŸ‘‡ It’s not always easy to help a dog’s anxiety over eating, they may feel insecure about how much food they will get and eat quickly out of worry. They may have been educated incorrectly and are simply impatient when eating. Fortunately, AnimalWised has these 8 tips and exercises on how to slow your dog’s eating. Before you incorporate these tips into your dog’s care and feeding routine, it is important to determine whether the dog has am underlying health issue which may be contributing to their need to eat quickly. By trying to help you get your dog to eat more slowly, we have incorporated the use of some toys and feeders which will be useful. Here are the videos mentioned:

Teaching Your Dog to Sit πŸ”Έ
DIY Kong Toys for Dogs πŸ”Έ

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[Music] Welcome to animal wise in this video We’re going to help your dog eat more Slowly By sharing various tricks and exercises To encourage self-control these will Help improve their well-being to reduce Their anxiety over food unlike what many Believe dogs are not governed by Hierarchies when they feed canine Behavior is noted for interspecies Competition meaning competition for Certain resources among members of the Same group in this case the resource Would be food when we feed several dogs At once we often see the fastest getting The most this can explain why some dogs Especially those in a group eat Anxiously and practically without Chewing however to begin with when we Observe a dog eating excessively fast or Never seeming to be satiated we need to First consider a health problem diabetes Malabsorption syndrome intestinal Parasites and others can modify our Dog’s appetite it’s also common for dogs To have a greater desire to eat when They find a particular meal more Appetizing wet and homemade food usually Fall into this category If you’ve already ruled out an Underlying health issue the dog will be Showing anxiety and a lack of Self-control we recommend putting into

Practice these eight tips and exercises To improve this behavior by teaching Your dogs eat more slowly you will Notice how it improves their digestion Their well-being and their bond with you For these tips to become effective you Will need to practice them for a minimum Of two weeks provide the dog’s food in Several portions it’s advisable to Distribute the total amount of dog’s Daily food into several portions you can Offer between two and three depending on Your availability you can also ask your Vet to recommend a better feed Teach your dog to whiz before feeding Your dog encourage self-control by Asking them to sit and wit every time They lunge for the food ask them to sit Again only when they are sitting still Can they eat he will likely need to be More flexible in the first attempts as It is an exercise which must be repeated On a daily basis for effectiveness if Your dog is unable to sit still we have Provided links in the description to Help use an anti ferocity feeder I Useful to an anti ferocity feeder forces The dog to eat slower while stimulating Their cognition at the same time make Your own anti veracity feeder if you Have no option to buy one you can do as We do and place one or several toys in The feeder this makes it harder for the Dog to reach the food and thereby slows

Down their ingestion Use interactive toys another great way To make a dog eat more slowly is to use Interactive toys which also stimulate The mind if you do not have the option To buy one you can make a homemade Version such as a Kong toy for dogs in The description we have a helpful video To do just that Practice sewing the sewing exercise Involves spreading the food and the Ground for the dog to look for using Their searching ability to find it this Exercise should be more difficult as you Progress finding the food further and Further apart mix scent games as with Sueing you can stimulate their sense of Smell to help your dog eat more slowly In this case we have hidden the food Inside a piece of paper so the dog has To use their olfactory senses to find it You can also use other materials such as A blanket self-control exercises we Finish with the relatively easy Self-control exercise simply hide some Food in one hand and place it in front Of the dog ignore them when they sniff Bite or are anxious to eat when they Stop reward them by opening your hand Repeat this exercise several times a day Until they know how to be patient Here are our tips to help your dog with Food anxiety do you have any more you’d Like to add if so please share them in

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