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๐Ÿ• Have you just adopted a PUPPY and want to know how to socialize them correctly? In this AnimalWised video, we explain how to socialize a puppy with other dogs. Discover some tips to socialize a puppy correctly, safely and effectively!


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[Music] Socialization of a puppy is an essential Process during which the dog learns to Relate to other dogs animals people and Environments Animal wise shares the specifics of Socializing puppies with other dogs to Ensure this process goes smoothly [Music] What is socialization Socialization is a period that begins at Three weeks of life and ends at around Three months it’s when the puppy is most Sensitive to its environment and learns To interact appropriately Correct socialization allows the dog to Interact with all kinds of beings such As children adults cats and even adapt To different environments such as the City the countryside or other people’s Homes Offering a wide range of positive Experiences will allow the dog to relate Correctly once they mature For this reason socialization is a very Important process in the life of any pet Just as it would be for a human child Discover what a puppy needs in their First days at home in the first info Video we share How to socialize a puppy with other dogs Socializing a dog with other dogs is a Relatively easy process to work through When dealing with eight-week-old puppies

At this stage the dog will likely have Been separated from their family at the Optimal time so they are best suited to Learn how to relate to others We can go to puppy classes or meet up With other dogs in the same stage it’s Important they are sociable dogs and They only provide positive experiences For our puppy Socialization should happen on its own Ideally you will be able to introduce Many dogs for your pup to play or Interact with on a daily basis We will try to find dogs of different Breeds colors and sizes in the next info Video we explain the best way to Introduce two dogs for the first time This process isn’t always problem free So we provide some of the fundamentals For this sensitive stage in a puppy’s Life It is a gradual process We must avoid over exposing the dog to Stressful environments or situations That can trigger anxiety disorders Don’t force your puppy You could cause the development of fears And phobias when interacting with other Dogs or experiencing an unpleasant Situation try to make the experiences Varied and positive Practice bite inhibition You must do it so your dog learns as Soon as possible keep practicing it

Daily until your dog is four and a half Months old although go beyond if Necessary you don’t need a lot of time For this five minutes a day is usually Enough Teach obedience commands do it quickly And routinely always as a game so their Mind is always active and stimulated Get used to walking or traveling Accessories you must get them used to Traveling by car as well as using a Collar and leash even before having to Go outside in this way they will know How to travel safely when the time comes If you want to continue learning about The care and education of a puppy don’t Miss the playlist we share here if You’ve recently adopted a puppy leave a Comment to tell us how the socialization Is going and we’ll see you next time [Music] You

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