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πŸ• Have you just adopted a PUPPY and want to know how to SOCIALIZE them with your family, friends and even strangers? In this AnimalWised video, we explain how to SOCIALIZE a PUPPY with all kinds of PEOPLE.


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Puppies start to socialize with other Dogs as soon as they are born but Socialization with people needs a little Guidance from us learn more with animal Wise [Music] How to socialize a puppy with people Socialization of dogs is vital for their Well-being in any environment Veterinarian ethologist and trainer Dr Ian Dunbar suggests that a puppy should Meet at least a hundred people during Their first eight weeks of life there Are many circumstances where this is not Possible but it should act as an ideal To help the puppy interact with as many Types of children and adults as possible For proper socialization the Interactions must be positive it’s not Enough that a puppy isn’t afraid of People they need to feel happy in their Presence every time they meet someone New these interactions should also be Voluntary you shouldn’t force a puppy to Approach people they should do it of Their own free will this will best avoid The appearance of fears and phobias you Must take your dog to have fun with People so it’s important you ensure they Don’t get scared or hurt during these Interactions a negative experience could Cause the appearance of unwanted Behaviors when your dog has all their Vaccinations daily walks will serve to

Strengthen their socialization with People then you no longer need to invite Friends over just so they can meet your Pup Discover what a puppy needs in their First days at home in the info video we Share above Some tips on how to socialize a puppy With people include invite your friends And family ask them to give your dog a Few minutes of attention they can offer Them a small piece of food petting or a Short play session remember the Interactions have to be positive Take your dog outside this way they see New people every day if your dog still Doesn’t have their vaccination schedule Up to date carry them in your arms or in A carrier to avoid contagion you don’t Need to take them for a four mile hike Walk to the corner and come back or take Them with you when you go to the store Learn how and when to vaccinate a dog in The next info video Get them used to the presence of small Children and babies for this allow them To approach small children and give them A little food when they are calm in this Way they will associate small children With positive stimuli ensure the Children are not in a position to cause Any harm or scare them Go to socialization meetings between Dogs and puppies these meetings or puppy

Classes will also help you socialize Your dog with people because the owners Of the other puppies are present Get your puppy used to being handled pet Them pick them up touch their legs check Their teeth and do this all gently but Firmly give them a treat when they sit Still and allow you to handle them it’s Highly recommended that other people Also practice handling your dog this way They will get used to this and will more Easily accept Veterinary checkups Show them different kinds of people in Addition to introducing them to children Adults and the elderly they also need to Meet people of different backgrounds With different types of clothing and Various characteristics If you want to continue learning about The care and education of a puppy don’t Miss the playlist We Share here let us Know how your puppy is coming along in Terms of socialization and we’ll see you Next time [Music]

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