🐕 Taking care of a dog’s sense of smell is a responsibility too many guardians do not consider enough. Fortunately, you can learn how to stimulate a dog’s sense of smell in a fun and active way which can help strengthen the bond you have with your canine family. AnimalWised shows you how to do this with 5 scent games for dogs.


5 FUN FACTS About a DOG’S Sense of SMELL 🐶👃🏻 👉
8 SMELLS DOGS HATE 🐶❌ (Some You May Not Know!) 👉

[Music] For a healthy dog respecting and Stimulating their sense of smell is Important for their well-being this is Why animal wise provides five cent games To do just that [Music] Take advantage of daily walks you don't Have to go to extraordinary lengths to Ensure your dog's sense of smell is Stimulated even taking advantage of your Daily walks can enrich their lives by Allowing them to explore through their Nose Ideally and where possible we should Visit wide green and Open Spaces such as A park or even out in the country Use a long or retractable leash to let Your dog sniff with a sense of Freedom Even if they want to investigate the Same area for minutes at a time If your dog doesn't seem as interested In smelling while they walk you can Encourage this Behavior by Distributing Treats around grassy areas and Encouraging the dog to search them out Use puzzles and interactive toys a dog's Sense of smell can be stimulated without Leaving the house there are many toys Puzzles and Games available which can be Hidden for the dog to locate and extract Products have an added Advantage not Only do they invite the dog to sniff More than usual they also offer a mental

Challenge as they encourage decision Making and other cognitive functions we Will need to adjust the difficulty and Complexity of these games to the Specific abilities and experience levels Of our dog if we don't the frustration They experience can be counterproductive Learn some fun facts about a dog's sense Of smell in the info video we share Above Ruffle mats or create sensory boxes Another great option to give your dog The opportunity to use their sense of Smell while indoors is to use a snuffle Mat these are mats which can be easily Found in pet stores and are designed to Encourage dogs to use their sense of Smell pieces of food or other Pleasant Scented materials are left under flaps Of fabric and other hiding places you Can purchase these or even make your own Another DIY option is a sensory box Where you place crumbled newspaper Cardboard Cubbies or similar hiding Spots in a cardboard box with treats Inside adding aromatic plants or Essential oils suitable for dogs can Help stimulate their sense of smell but Always ensure there is nothing that can Break and be ingested discover smells You want to avoid around dogs with our Next info video Play hide and seek with your dog it is Not always necessary to have materials

Or physical toys to stimulate your dog's Sense of smell you can also do it by Playing hide and seek either inside or Outdoors while a person is holding or Distracting the dog you can hide behind Furniture or a bush as you do so ensure You touch various objects along the way To leave a trail for the dog to follow Once hidden say their name or whistle so They will want to come find you They will initially orientate themselves With the signs you make but since they Cannot see you they will need to use Their sense of smell to find you with Time and practice you can increase the Difficulty and watch them become an Expert tracker Take part in some canine sport there are Many sports you can practice with your Canine and some of them are specifically Focused on using their sense of smell Many dog schools and training centers Offer introductory courses and sports Such as tracking games or sport Detection fun activities which use Location and marking of specific sense Almost any dog can practice these canine Sports but the most important thing is That we use a training methodology which Is respectful of the animal and has Enjoyment as its main activity goal If you want to continue learning how to Train an educate a dog don't miss the Playlist We Share here let us know if

You have any other scent games you want To share by leaving a comment below and We'll see you next time [Music]

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