How to Stop a CAT CLIMBING on FURNITURE ๐Ÿช‘โŒ๐Ÿˆ

๐Ÿฑ Does your cat have a bad habit of climbing on furniture and you want to know why they do it? Do you find this behavior problematic? In this AnimalWised video on feline behavior, we give you some tips to prevent your cat from climbing on furniture, the sofa or the bed.


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[Music] Some cats take such a proprietary Attitude to our homes it can seem like They own everything Especially the furniture but there are Many reasons cats feel the need to climb On the couch Often with disregard to its integrity at Animal-wise We explain this behavior and suggest Ways to prevent it when it becomes Problematic [Music] Why do cats climb in furniture climbing Up on furniture Allows cats to better see their Territory from a higher vantage point But they may do it compulsively if they Don’t have an enriched environment which Allows them to exercise play and Entertain themselves freely For this reason they need to release Accumulated energy And climbing over the furniture is an Efficient way to do so Another reason is that our furniture is Often a comfy place to sleep Often more so than the floor you may Even unconsciously reinforce this Behavior when there is still a kitten It’s important to recognize unconscious Training as it’s very common with cat Guardians It usually occurs in their early stages

Of development when we tolerate certain Behaviours because they seem cute or Harmless Unfortunately this often leads to the Assimilation of bad habits As time passes these behaviors can Become disruptive Or even pose a risk to their well-being However Sudden behavioral changes or personality Issues can be a warning of a physical Health problem In these cases it’s vital to take them To a veterinarian for a checkup Now we have clarified why cats climb in Furniture we provide three basic but Effective tips to prevent it Teach them how to climb in furniture Once a kitten leaves their mother we Will need to immediately take their Place and instill a sense of appropriate Behaviour If we allow kittens to climb in Furniture they will be more likely to Assimilate this habit when they’re older Cats need to use a routine to feel Comfortable and secure in their Environment The best time to teach a cat is during Their adolescence point out that it is Inappropriate to climb on furniture And show them the best places to Entertain themselves this way is less Likely you will have to deal with this

Problem in the future Basically if you don’t want them to Climb on the sofa or bed when they are Older Don’t let them do when they’re younger However we will need to provide Alternatives which cater to the desire For heights So you will need to provide appropriate Spaces it’s also vital you do not scold Or punish a cat for climbing on the Furniture Instead redirect this behavior through Positive reinforcement For example to get them off the bed put Their own comfortable bed nearby and Encourage them to stay there Rewarding them when they do so with Patience and perseverance the animal Will understand what is appropriate Prepare special areas for your cat cats Need to have well considered areas with The necessary accessories to feed Relieve themselves play and rest It’s important these areas are positive Spaces and kept separate from each other The litter box and footballs in Particular if you don’t want your cat to Climb on the furniture provide them with A bed Cushion or shelter where they can find The necessary comfort to enjoy moments Of leisure and peace To avoid scratching the curtains or

Other upholstery you’ll need to provide A scratching post In addition to keeping them entertained It will protect your furniture and help Maintain their claws In the video we share here you will see More about all the benefits scratching Trees provide your cat Likewise to prevent them from climbing Around the home install platforms Shelves or cat hangers on the walls at Different heights Ideally forming a circuit with different Levels of difficulty [Music] Enrich your cat’s environment it’s Important to provide your cat with Proper physical and mental stimulation In an environment enriched with toys Scratchers visual stimuli Platforms and other structures your cat Will be able to practice physical Activities And at the same time stay entertained Even when you’re not at home This video on games to play with your Cat shows ways you can keep them Entertained when you are home Another interesting option can be to Incorporate olfactory stimuli in your Kittens routine Such as providing catnip which can keep Them engaged and relaxed at the same Time

Finally we also recommend proposing Intelligent games to stimulate them and Enjoy quality time together Tell us your problems training a cat to Keep them off the furniture by writing a Comment below And we’ll see you next time

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