How to STOP a DOG SHEDDING Excessively 🐶 (5 Tips to Reduce Dog Shedding)

🐕 Shedding is a natural process in dogs, but shedding excessively can be a problem. AnimalWised explains how to stop a dog shedding hair excessively by looking at the reasons why dogs shed a lot of hair and what practical steps we can take to help them maintain a healthy amount.


How to BRUSH a LONG HAIRED DOG? 🐶 Steps to Follow 👉

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Shedding hair is a natural process in Dogs which occurs seasonally when a dog Is shedding excessively animalwise Explains why it may be happening and Provides tips on how to stop excessive Hair loss [Music] Control hair loss during shedding one of The main functions of the dog’s hair is To protect them from climactic changes This way a dog is fully prepared to Withstand both cold and heat dogs Usually shed twice a year this occurs in Spring and autumn due to changes in Temperature and sunlight it can be Surprising just how much a dog can shed Due to molting but it is totally normal We should increase brushing their coat To prevent dead hair from accumulating And spreading it throughout the home Seasonal shedding will happen naturally Under normal conditions when dogs are Used to wearing clothes a lot staying Next to heaters live in a place with Little sunlight or do not usually leave The home the process can be altered and Result in hair loss throughout the year In these cases brushing becomes even More important Check their feed another of the most Common causes of excessive hair loss in Dogs is per diet if you don’t offer your Dog the nutrition they require this will Be reflected in the quality of their

Coat as it will appear dull and rough as Well as shed excessively the best way to Combat dog hair loss in this case is to Review their diet and ensure they have The most appropriate food not only will You restore vitality to their fur their Overall well-being will improve to avoid Problems related to diet we recommend You buy top quality feed that is adapted To the specific needs of your dog you Can even establish a homemade diet with The help of someone specialized in Canine nutrition Keep in mind that omega-3 and vitamins a C and b are important to promote hair Health as they strengthen it and prevent It from falling out ensure these are Present in the formula of any feed you Buy if hair shedding is excessive you Can ask a veterinarian about the option Of providing your dog with supplements To promote their coat health Avoid stress there are many reasons dogs Suffer from stress or anxiety such as Changes in their routine or even pure Socialization stress is a common cause Of excessive hair loss as well as other Physical and behavioral problems the Best solution is to assess why the dog May be stressed and address the problem For example we may not provide them with Enough attention or exercise to meet Their needs we can incorporate more Physical activity increase our training

Provide more education and ensure we Prevent boredom If you enjoy our videos remember that a Super thanks can help the channel Continue to grow Brush your dog frequently when a dog is Shedding a lot it’s hard to Overemphasize the importance of brushing During molting season it’s recommended We start brushing them daily and use a Special brush for collecting accumulated Dead hair the best brush for this Function is the one with metal bristles However the brushes you use will depend On your dog’s coat type Find out what type of hair your dog has And use the corresponding brush when Grooming Discover how to brush a long-haired dog Step by step in the video we share above Bathe your dog with the right products Bathing our dog is also important when They shed a lot when shedding we should Ideally bare the dog once a month not Paying attention to their hygiene can Lead to the appearance of external Parasites that damage both their coat And skin in turn leading to excessive Shedding today we have a whole variety Of special anti-hair loss shampoos for Dogs you should look at its formulation And ensure it has the following features Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids promote hair Growth and help strengthen follicles

Quanine is a natural alkaloid that Strengthens the dog’s coat stimulates Its growth and prevents hair loss a Neutral ph shampoo prevents hair loss And is especially required for dogs with Sensitive skin In addition you can purchase a Conditioner to revitalize your dog’s fur And restore coat shine and softness in Addition to bathing your dog using a Shampoo with the above characteristics And brushing their coat daily go to a Groomer to ensure you have the best cut To avoid excessive hair loss If you want to continue learning about Caring for dogs don’t miss the playlist We share here let us know if your dog Sheds a lot of hair and what you do About it by sharing in the comments We’ll see you next time [Music] You

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