How to STOP My CAT SCRATCHING the FURNITURE πŸ±πŸ›‹οΈ (Causes and Solutions)

🐈 Cats are notorious for destroying furniture, especially the arms of couches which they treat like a scratching post. At AnimalWised, we explain how to STOP my CAT SCRATCHING the FURNITURE, as well as why they do it in the first place. These practical tips will help stop your cat destroying the couch and other furniture.


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Scratching is a natural behavior for Cats but it can prove problematic in the Home animal wise explains how to stop Cats scratching the furniture [Music] Why does your cat scratch furniture cats Are carnivorous predators that need to Condition their body to best carry out Hunting Behavior this includes an agile Musculature and sharp claws in addition To obtaining food cats use their claws To Mark territory when they scratch Glands on their paws release scents Which are used to communicate with cats And other animals these scents can be Used to delineate a cat's territory Alert the presence of a possible mate And simply to feel safe in their Environment cats Mark in various ways But scratching with their claws is one Of the most common in the home Especially once they've been litter Trained cats will scratch strategically In various areas of the home they deem Particularly important for this reason The cats that live with us must enjoy an Environment where they can climb rest Play and even Mark territory it's an Important part of their communication And can't be denied When is scratching a problem for cats More than causing damage to our Furniture higher cat scratches can be an Indicator of their well-being when a cat

Has certain issues they can scratch in Different places often near the doors or Windows they may also relieve themselves Outside the litter box hide or lose Their appetite if we observe any of These behavioral changes in our cat we Need to seek Veterinary advice in case They are caused by a physical health Problem if the cat is otherwise healthy It's likely stress is a factor the Solution for stress marking will depend On the cause one of the reasons why a Correct diagnosis is imperative if we Can't determine this cause ourselves we Can seek the help of a specialized Veterinarian or ethologist we will now Provide some practical tips to stop cats Destroying the furniture Provide environmental enrichment an Essential aspect of ensuring a cat's Health and happiness is providing a home Which is environmentally enriched this Consists of creating an environment Which will allow them to express their Feline nature as well as stimulate them Physically and cognitively to ensure Their well-being discover more about Environmental enrichment for cats in the Video we share on the card above Offer scratchers while we should never Scold or physically punish the cat we Can provide a firm no if we see them Doing something they shouldn't however We can't simply deny their behavior we

Need to redirect this Behavior some are More appropriate in the case of Scratching this means we can offer Scratching trees scratching posts or Even scratching toys Attract them with our scent cats want to Mark us so we can try placing an old T-shirt or similar item imbued with our Smell on the scratcher as a way to Encourage the cat to use it Place the scratching posts in their Favorite areas we'll need to place the Scratching posts and trees in their Favorite places in the home putting them Somewhere they can feel safe calm and Relax helps because cats often scratch When they wake up as it allows them to Stretch another good idea is to attach Scratches to the parts of furniture they Like to scratch although this will Depend on their design it's similar to Placing their litter box somewhere they Normally like to go and relieve Themselves Offer catnip there are products on the Market that encourage the use of the Scratching post and help redirect Behavior and natural and easily obtained Example is catnip which can be sprinkled On the top of the scratching post use Synthetic pheromones there are also Synthetic pheromones in diffusers or Sprays that simulate natural feline Pheromones they serve to reassure the

Cat when the marking occurs due to Stress and are used strategically Throughout the home environment finally If stress is causing them to Mark Indiscriminately none of the tricks to Prevent your cat from scratching the Furniture will be effective if you don't Treat the underlying cause it's Important to find out if you suspect Your cat scratches due to stress if you Want to continue learning about the Behavior of cats don't miss the playlist We Share here what is the worst thing Your cat destroyed by scratching share Your experiences in the comments and We'll see you next time [Music]

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