How to STOP My DOG Being SCARED ๐Ÿถโœ… (5 Key Tips)

๐Ÿ• If you have adopted a dog and they appear very fearful, it is important we address this problem correctly. When learning how to STOP my DOG being SCARED, it is important to remember we need to be positive in our actions.


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Fear and insecurity can reduce your Dog's quality of life significantly Animal wise explains how you can stop a Dog being scared by building their Confidence [Music] Respect the weaning period before Adoption two fundamental ways of Preventing fear and anxiety in dogs is To respect their natural weaning period Before separating them from their mother And providing early socialization Although the weaning process begins in The third or fourth week of the puppy's Life it is recommended they remain with Their mother and siblings until two or Three months of life Foreign [Music] The socialization period for dogs begins Around three weeks of age and ends Around three months during this time Puppies will learn fundamental lessons And boundaries from their mother and Siblings these are vital for Communication and social behavior Especially in recognizing when they can Feel safe It's very important for your dog to be Introduced to various different stimuli This includes other dogs animals people And even physical environments in doing So they can assimilate them properly as Part of their routine and learn to

Relate to them in a positive way If you've decided to adopt an adult dog Which has experienced poor socialization When they were younger it can be Possible to socialize them with patience Dedication and an approach to education Which uses positive reinforcement Earn their trust As soon as the dog arrives in their new Home it's important we make an effort to Earn their trust the quality of the bond With our Guardian influences the Behavior of a dog and the ease of their Education this is because a dog that Does not have the confidence to express Themselves freely in their own home or Interact with their tutor in a friendly Way will find it more difficult to feel Safe enough to interact with unfamiliar Individuals and environments we cannot Expect a dog which doesn't trust their Guardian to trust a stranger learn Practical tips to gain your dog's trust With the first info video we share above [Music] Use positive reinforcement another Influence in a dog's confidence related To training is our methodology using the Right tools of Education will be Decisive in strengthening or weakening Your dog's confidence and the bond they Share with their Guardian scolding Confinement and the use of physical Punishment only contribute to your dog

Being afraid and feeling confused or Insecure in relation to their own Behavior Our advice is to rely on Positive reinforcement in training as it Will both build their confidence and be More effective [Music] Regular exercise it is also important That you provide your dog with an Adequate level of physical activity Daily walks will not only allow them to Exercise but also to interact with the Greater diversity of individuals stimuli And environments proper enrichment at Home will also be key to complement your Dog's daily outdoor activity and mental Stimulation it does so by preventing Behavioral problems related to stress And boredom discover how to improve your Dog's environmental enrichment in the Next info video we share As you can see how to remove insecurity And fear from a dog is closely related To the care you offer and how you Interact with them How to remove fear in a dog it is Neither possible nor advisable to try to Completely remove fear from a dog this Is due to their basic and fundamental Impetus to survive the tips that we have Explained to you will help you increase Your dog's confidence and prevent Excessively fearful behavior in the face Of different stimuli

Dogs that suffer from more complex Problems such as phobias stereotypes and Generalized Panic associated with Sensory deprivation syndrome usually Needs specific treatment to overcome Their traumatic experiences in these Cases the best thing you can do is to Seek the help of an expert in canine Ethology for an accurate diagnosis and Practical behavioral therapy If you want to continue learning about Dog behavior don't miss the playlist We Share here leave a comment to let us Know how you build your dog's confidence And we'll see you next time [Music]

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