How to STOP My DOG From CRYING ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ’ฆ (Causes and Solutions)

๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ’ฆโ“ Does your dog cry a lot and you don’t know why? In this AnimalWised video on how to stop a dog stop crying, we explain the 6 possible reasons why a dog cries a lot in the first place and 5 tips to get them stop this crying behavior.


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If our dog doesn’t stop crying It can be heartbreaking not to provide Them reassurance In this animal-wise video we explain six Possible reasons why a dog cries in the First place As well as five tips to reassure them Depending on the cause Keep watching to see what they need [Music] They are a puppy it’s completely normal For puppies to cry a lot Especially when first separated from Their family and discovering their new Environment We need to be understanding as Everything is new to them and they may Feel insecure in face of the unknown Separation anxiety this is a common Problem in dogs Especially those which are over attached To their human guardians When you’re not around they feel Stressed and threatened this can trigger Inappropriate behaviors such as Destructiveness and excessive crying Discover more about separation anxiety In the video that we share here They want something crying is used as a Demand when something is out of reach An example would be asking you to fill a Bowl with food or wanting to go for a Walk This behavior is not harmful if it is

Not excessive or accompanied by other Unwanted behaviors If this is the case it may mean there is Something lacking in their care Or they may even be suffering a health Problem [Music] They want to draw attention your dog may Feel like you’re not paying them enough Attention and they become bored Also if there have been situations when They see you react more when they cry They may do it every time they want your Attention They are afraid or nervous for some Reason crying is a natural response to Situations that generate fear and stress For your dog If they are skittish have had a negative Experience or have not been properly Socialized as a puppy They may be afraid of elements in their Environment such as other dogs or noisy Cars They may cry when they witness these Elements and cry as a call for you to Protect them [Music] They are in a new situation new Situations such as going to the vet or Meeting a new dog May cause insecurity and lead to crying If you want to know other causes of why A dog cries a lot we share a video here

Which explains further Once you have isolated the reason why Your dog doesn’t stop crying you will Need to take action Here are some guidelines on what you can Do [Music] Improve the well-being of your dog first Of all you must make sure that your dog Has all their physical and psychological Needs covered The very basics are enough food and Water and a safe space to rest You should also walk them a minimum of Three times a day or one very long walk With a shorter one later In addition you should propose exercises That stimulate them mentally through Training sessions and games Environmental enrichment environmental Enrichment Is also very important if your dog Spends many bored hours home alone You can leave them toys to stay Motivated or divide their food portions In a way that makes finding them Challenging [Music] Help them overcome their fear when your Dog is afraid of a specific stimulus or Situation You should provide them with more Security little by little At the beginning avoid what scares them

Change their routine so that they can Avoid whatever causes the fear Then you can progressively expose your Dog to this element You should do it little by little so They stay calm and are not overwhelmed By the exposure Lastly use positive reinforcement when You see your dog shows a positive Attitude towards the element Reward them with praise petting and food So they associate it with something Positive [Music] Basic obedience if they are still a Puppy you will have to teach them to be On their own You should offer a comfortable Environment with several toys with which They can distract themselves while You’re away If your dog cries inappropriately due to Poor learning you should re-educate them To be able to communicate more Positively Consult a specialist if you think your Dog suffers from separation anxiety It’s best to consult an ethologist Similarly if you observe a sudden change In their behavior and you think it may Be due to a pathology Take them to a veterinarian immediately [Music] Share your thoughts about why your dog

Might be crying and we’ll see you next Time You

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