How to STOP Your Dog BARKING at the Door πŸΆπŸ›ŽοΈ (4 Step Method)

πŸ• Although it is a typical problem in dogs, it is a good idea to learn how to stop a dog barking at the door. Every time someone knocks the door or rings the doorbell, your dog can get excited and agitated. Whether your dog has pre-existing anxiety issues, it can have a negative effect on the animal, especially if it happens regularly. This is why AnimalWised explains why this behavior occurs and provides a step-by-step guide to stopping your dog barking at the door.


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Although dogs barking at the door is Fairly common it’s something which can Cause agitation for the dog and the rest Of the household animal wise explains What you can do to resolve this issue Why does my dog bark at the door Before explaining how to stop your dog From barking when there’s a knock on the Door you’ll need to understand how Classical conditioning functions in dogs Understanding this type of associative Learning will help you effectively solve Problem barking You can find more background with our Video linked above on why dogs bark a Doorbell or knock is initially a neutral Stimulus which doesn’t cause any Reaction in the dog when the doorbell Rings the dog sees that people appear And the dog barks to alert us After they learn this process the Doorbell becomes a conditioned stimulus And the dog gives a conditioned response As they now associate the door sign with The arrival of people to stop your dog Barking at the door you’ll need to treat Their reaction to this stimulus through A counter conditioning process We will now explain in more detail how This process should be carried out Ask another person for help Ask a friend or family member to stand At your door and ring or knock when you Ask them to you can use the phone to

Coordinate you should not open the door Or let them in with the goal of making This a neutral stimulus for the dog once Again for this reason the sound of the Doorbell should not be a Prelude of the Arrival of any person but a mere sound Of the environment [Music] Ignore them when they bark when the dog Barks you should ignore them completely Even if it is somewhat annoying to you Repeat the process repeat this process As many times as necessary until the dog Doesn’t bark anymore at this point give Them positive reinforcement in the form Of encouraging words and a treat it is Important you’re very quick so the dog Doesn’t get distracted and they can Associate the reinforcement with not Barking at the door knocking or bell Ringing If you like animal wise remember that You can help us grow our Channel with The super thanks Be patient it may be that the dog needs Between 10 and 30 repetitions before Correctly understanding and associating What is happening you must be patient And ensure you are Speedy with your Reinforcement repeat this process daily And record your information in a Notebook to see if progress is being Made in the form of reducing barking at The door once the dog stops barking 100

Of the time we can then bring visitors In through the door and keep gauging Their reaction we can then alternate Real visits with false knocking until The dog knows to no longer bark at the Door while some dogs will adapt more Quickly than others the process is Straightforward in terms of action we Simply have to be persistent and Consistent If you want to continue learning about Dog behavior don’t miss the playlist We Share here does your dog keep knocking At the door leave a comment to let us Know your experience with this problem And we’ll see you next time for more Helpful animal videos [Music]

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