How to STOP Your DOG PEEING at HOME ๐Ÿถ (8 Tips)

๐Ÿ• If your dog pees at home and you want to teach him to urinate in the street, you’re in the right place. In this AnimalWised video we provide 8 tips to prevent your puppy from peeing in the house. Learn how to prevent your dog from urinating at home and learn to relieve themselves on the street!


Separation ANXIETY in DOGS ๐Ÿ‘‰

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[Music] If your dog is peeing inside the home It’s not good for anybody let animal Wise help you know what to do with our Video on stopping a dog urinating at Home [Music] Use positive reinforcement when they pee Outside One of the most basic exercises to start Working on modifying this behavior is to Create a positive association between Urinating in the street and presenting Something to reinforce the behavior this Can be a treat a greeting petting or a Game you should offer this reinforcement Only when the animal urinates in a Suitable place Increase the quality and frequency of Walks Walks with your dog should be quiet Moments without hurrying or impatience The ideal is to be able to walk through Large green spaces where there are not Too many stressors such as cars children Or loud noises Bear in mind that some animals need to Move a little away from their guardian To be able to urinate or defecate in Peace so a leash of at least two meters Will be the most appropriate if your dog Continues to pee in the house consider Increasing the frequency of walks Establish a routine

Highly changeable and unpredictable Environments can affect the emotional Health of dogs and consequently their Behavior Taking your dog for a walk at the same Time every day helps them to create a Routine and to perceive greater control Over their environment if your dog is Still a puppy they may not have the Ability to endure long periods without Urinating Reduce their stress levels Emotional disorders related to fear or Stress such as phobias or separation Anxiety can be the cause of your dog Urinating in the home In the specific case of separation Anxiety recurrent urination within the Home when the dog is alone or physically Separated from their guardians is Considered a symptom of the disorder Other behaviors such as panting crying Barking stereotypies nervousness or Destructive behaviors can also present Discover the treatment of separation Anxiety in dogs in the first info card Above If you suspect your puppy urinates at Home as a result of stress or other Emotional problems you can try to help Them by using special products such as Synthetic pheromones or enriching their Environment with intelligence games toys And more

Clean with specific products The areas that the animal marks with Urine acquire distinct smell that Encourages the dog to urinate in the Same place again this is because dog Urine contains pheromones that only dogs And other non-human animals are capable Of detecting To avoid this it’s necessary to clean The areas where the dog urinates using Products that contain active oxygen in Their composition Neither bleach nor ammonia is effective In this case Modify the value of a space sometimes Dogs get used to urinating in a specific Place in the house and only do it there Something simple that you can try to do Is to alter the association this place Has for the dog Dogs do not usually urinate in the same Place where they eat rest or socialize But do so in more secluded areas start Spending time with your dog in the area Where they usually urinate to turn it Into a play space or place their food Bed or other resources there Never use punishment Dogs are not able to establish a causal Relationship between two events that Occur more than a few seconds apart If you return home and see pee in the Middle of the living room you can’t Punish your dog for it the animal likely

Urinated hours ago and will not be able To understand your anger Yelling at or scolding the dog if you Catch them in the middle of the act Won’t help either in doing so you’re not Addressing the cause of the problem most Likely the dog will get scared of you And move away from you to urinate Without you seeing on the next card we Share a video in which we explain the Seven consequences of punishing a dog Veterinary visits if none of the tricks To prevent your dog from urinating at Home work we recommend going to the Veterinary center to rule out an illness Or physical ailment it’s important to Note that very old dogs can develop Urinary incontinence due to cognitive Dysfunction syndrome a condition similar To dementia in human medicine If you want to continue learning about Dog education and training don’t miss The playlist we share here let us know How you get on when your dog is paying At home by leaving a comment and we’ll See you next time [Music] You

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