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🐈 Do you want to strengthen the relationship you have with your cat? In this AnimalWised video, we explain how to create a lasting bond with a cat you just adopted or how to strengthen the bond with a cat with whom you already live. Discover how to improve your relationship and find a better coexistence with your cat!


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Whether struggling to establish a Relationship or you think there’s room For improvement animal-wise shows you The best ways to bond with your cat [Music] How to create a bond with your cat the Relationship between a cat and their Guardian depends on various factors the Amount of guardian involves themselves In the lives of their companion animal Is one of the most significant with both Too much and too little interaction Providing issues The character and history of the cat Also play important roles If you want to create a healthy bond With your cat the first thing you need To do is find out all you can about the Animal ideally before adoption If the cat already lives with you you Should still assess their specific Physical and psychological needs to see How they influence the care you provide A cat will most likely develop an Attachment with the caregiver that Respects said needs this means meeting Their emotional and social requirements Providing security spending time Together and understanding their Language and nature with these Fundamentals in place the cat will enjoy Your company and go to you when they Need security if a caregiver punishes a Cat isolates them over protects them or

Ignores their communication the animal Will most likely develop an insecure Attachment if a cat is part of your Family and you want to improve your Relationship with them here are some Tips to strengthen your bond and help You enjoy each other more Enrich their environment cats are very Active and curious animals they need to Play and freely explore their Environment placing scratching posts Climbing tars wall mounted platforms and Providing interactive toys will help Meet these needs as well as improve the Cat’s general well-being See one of these tips in action with our First info video above Set aside time each day to do activities With your cat to strengthen the Relationship with your cat you must Spend quality time with them observe Them and determine their likes and Dislikes playing and relaxing together Can go a long way in improving your bond Some cats even enjoy learning tricks Keep them neat hygiene is essential to a Cat’s well-being although they groom Themselves using their tongue it’s worth Gently brushing their hair from time to Time or passing a damp cloth over their Body while giving them a massage Grooming sessions reaffirm your Relationship and improve the bond Between individuals similarly it’s very

Important that you keep their litter box Clean and in an area that is easily Accessible to the cat Avoid punishment cats are very sensitive Animals and an educational style based On threats and punishments is not only Ineffective but also seriously Deteriorates the relationship between The animal and their guardian It only generates fear and eventual Rejection If your cat has a behavioral problem or You have doubts about how to communicate With them a feline pathologist can Assess your situation and provide the Right practical help in the next info Video we explain the best way to Discipline a cat Take care of their physical health In addition to meeting their Psychological and emotional needs it’s Essential you keep your cat correctly Vaccinated and dewormed as well as Provide regular veterinary checkups Unwanted behaviors such as Aggressiveness or rejection of the Guardian can appear as a result of a Physical ailment and not a problem in The relationship taking your cat to the Vet if you observe any change in their Behavior is essential If you want to continue learning about The behavior of cats don’t miss the Playlist we share here let us know more

About the relationship you have with Your cat by leaving a message in the Comments and we’ll see you next time [Music]

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