How to Teach a PUPPY to PLAY Without Biting ๐Ÿถ (5 Tips)

๐Ÿ• Does your puppy bite you very hard when you play with them? Knowing how to teach a puppy to play without biting is necessary for their basic education, as well as consequently to prevent it from developing behavioral problems that would harm their well-being and the dynamic in the home. For this reason, AnimalWised explains how to stop a puppy biting while playing.


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Foreign Use biting to explore their environment And set their boundaries with others as They mature it’s important they learn Bite inhibition to avoid Misunderstandings and injuries animal Wise explains how to teach a puppy to Play without biting [Music] Start the game yourself Start a play session you should always Ensure the puppy is receptive we need to Respect their space and give them plenty Of breaks we should initiate a game with Some sort of repeated phrase such as Let’s play In the daily life of a puppy there will Be situations where they demand you play With them and times when they want to be Left alone by showing you respect their Boundaries they will better learn to Respect yours On the other hand if you always agree to Their wishes they will learn they will Always get their way making correct Behavioral modification more complicated This can cause them to call your Attention in unwanted ways such as Breaking things barking or biting your Feet If your dog asks you to play it one of These times you need to be indifferent And ignore them only inviting them to Play once they’ve given up

Then not to bite During play activity you will need to Educate the puppies so they learn to Inhibit their bite every time they bite You hard you should say something to Make them understand they’ve hurt you Such as Arch and then start playing in This way they associate hard biting with The end of fun and better learn to Control themselves Discover the most common mistakes when Training a puppy in the info video we Share above Offer puppy appropriate toys the toys Are games you should be varied to Maintain their interest they need to be Safe for your pet meaning they don’t Have toxic or other harmful elements for Example a stick or pineapple could Splinter and injure their mouth In the same way if the toy is broken or Damaged it would be better to get rid of It as it could put your puppy at risk by Injuring themselves or choking on a Broken piece you should also not allow Your puppy to play with everyday items If you don’t want them destroying them These include slippers newspapers or Even Furniture instead offer more Suitable alternatives In the card above we share a video on The best toys for dogs And games adapted to their abilities you Must bear in mind that puppies should

Only play games which don’t cause them More frustration than release Intelligence and tracking games must be Adapted to their abilities we need to Find the balance between not being too Easy to avoid getting bored but not Being too difficult to avoid getting Frustrated and associating them with Something negative You finish the game Similar to initiating play sessions you Should be the one to indicate when a Game comes to an end once your puppy has Lost energy during play but not when They have abandoned the activity Completely you need to preempt the end Of the session Communicate in some way by saying Something like we’re done and don’t give In if they insist on playing in this way The puppy learns the activity has a Beginning and end making it easier for Them to respect other commands Lastly it’s recommended they always have Access to an area where they can rest And play on their own when you’re unable To play they must learn to respect your Boundaries and it helps them to know They have somewhere to express Themselves this prevents them biting us To demand play If you want to continue learning about The care and education of a puppy don’t Miss the playlist We Share here

Share in the comments any issues you Have with your puppy biting and we’ll See you next time for some useful Animal Care videos [Music]

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