How to Train My DOG to IGNORE other DOGS ๐Ÿถ (4 Tips)

๐Ÿ• If your dog barks at other dogs when out walking, they are likely reactive. At AnimalWised, we explain how to train your dog to ignore other dogs and help reduce reactivity in the animal. Although each dog is an individual and we will need to tailor their behavior modification changes accordingly, we provide some helpful tips to help you get started. We also highlight what you need to consider when you want your dog to stop reacting to other dogs.


My DOG Goes CRAZY Around Other DOGS ๐Ÿถ (6 Causes of a REACTIVITY in DOGS) ๐Ÿ‘‰
How to SOCIALIZE a PUPPY With Other DOGS ๐Ÿถ ๐Ÿ‘‰

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If your dog loses control every time They see another dog in the street it Can be upsetting for both dog and Guardian at animal wise we show you how To train your dog to ignore other dogs How to make my dog ignore other dogs The first step in teaching your dog how To ignore other dogs is to identify the Cause of their reactivity how we deal With the problem will depend on its Origin We can help in the first info video we Share where we explain the six most Common causes of reactivity in dogs you Should also bear in mind that reactivity Generates impulsive and involuntary Behaviors for this reason it’s both Counterproductive and harmful to try to Solve the issue through physical or Verbal punishment once they have reacted The best thing you can do is try to Distract and can the dog Knowing your dog well and developing a Strong bond with them will be essential In building the trust you need to do so Although each dog is an individual and The training used must be adapted to Each particular case here are some General tips to help you teach your dog To ignore other dogs Use a comfortable harness and a long Leash Eliminating the constant tension of a Short leash and giving your dog more

Freedom of movement can help you better Manage encounters with other dogs using The right harness will also provide Practical help reduce exposure to the Problematic stimulus At the beginning of the behavioral Modification training it is highly Recommended your dog be exposed as Little as possible to the stimulus that Generates reactivity In this case we mean other dogs to do This you can change your walking route Go to quieter areas alter walk-in times Or limit visibility through windows and Balconies We should do this in order to start Behavior modification therapy when the Dog has their stress levels more under Control if you like animal wise remember That a super thanks can help us continue Creating the content you enjoy Increased distance between other dogs Many dogs only behave reactively towards Other dogs when they are at a certain Distance from them it will be much Easier for you to train your canine to Ignore other animals if you work on long Distance tolerance during the initial Training little by little this distance Can be reduced Associate the presence of other dogs With positive stimuli Bring along their favorite toy or food They love every time you see another dog

Reinforce them when they are canned Before they react and change direction Or move away to prevent an altercation You can also teach them a command such As look at me and use it when a dog Appears on the scene to divert their Attention With patience you will be able to Incrementally shorten the distance Between your dog and other dogs Always reward them when they behave well So they associate your presence with Positive stimuli It’s important to keep in mind that this Is not a quick process it requires time And perseverance if you’ve just adopted A puppy and you want them to ignore Other dogs you need to understand this Can be counterproductive One of the reasons for reactivity in Dogs is per socialization when young the Best way you will ensure good behavior As an adult is to socialize puppies with Other dogs people and environments our Next info video above explains how to Socialize a puppy with other dogs When to go to a professional If their reactive behavior gets worse Over time should contact a dog training Professional if your dog has suddenly Started to show reactive behavior or you Notice them more upset than usual it’s Recommended you go to your veterinary Center to rule out any health problem if

You want to continue learning about dog Behavior don’t miss the playlist we Share here let us know if and when you Put these tips into practice and we’ll See you next time with more helpful Videos [Music] You

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