How to TREAT CONJUNTIVITIS in CATS at HOME πŸ±πŸ‘€ Eye Cleaning Remedies

🐈 Are you wondering how to treat conjunctivitis in cats at home? In this AnimalWised video on conjunctivitis in cats, we first stress that we need to follow the guidelines detailed by our veterinarian to treat conjunctivitis. However, we show you supportive treatments you can use at home to best ensure your cat heals quickly and properly from conjunctivitis.


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If your cat has conjunctivitis it’s Important you follow the advice and Prescribed treatment of a veterinarian However there are supportive therapies You can use to treat conjunctivitis at Home Find out what they are with animalwise [Music] Check their diet with proper nutrition We better ensure our cat has a strong Immune system which translates into a Much faster and more successful recovery Depending on the underlying cause of Feline conjunctivitis it will be Necessary to adapt the diet to the state Of the animal Ask your veterinarian to indicate the Guidelines to follow in each case proper Hygiene Aside from the treatment stipulated by The veterinarian to combat the cause of The eye problem they will probably Recommend the use of sealing solution And sterile gauze to treat Conjunctivitis and cats Using these products we can also prevent The accumulation of room and dirt that Can cause eye infections To carry out a correct cleaning we must Always use a different gauze for each Side and clean away from the eye it’s Very important that cotton is not used Instead of sterile gauze since cotton Can damage the eye and make the

Situation even worse We must also keep our cat’s fur healthy And clean in this case we brush the hair Away from the eyes and trim the hair Around the eyes of long-haired cats to Avoid eye irritations and infections Tea infusion if we see that our cat Scratches their eyes a lot we must try To prevent them from doing so it is most Likely they will end up injuring Themselves if we don’t to can the Itching inflammation redness and other Symptoms while cleaning the eye we can Apply chamomile or time infusion with a Sterile gauze wrapped around the finger In the same way that we’ve explained Previously with saline solution Cold and heat If we combine cold and warm compresses We can help reduce the inflammation and Eye irritation caused by conjunctivitis For this reason this is a home remedy For conjunctivitis and cats that has Been used for decades in humans and is Also thought effective for animals Find out about when kittens first open Their eyes in the video we share above Safety first If we have several pets it’s best to Separate those that are affected from The healthy ones to avoid contagion we Must also clean and disinfect their beds And blankets we need to remember that One of the causes of conjunctivitis in

Cats is colds caused by drafts so we Must try to keep the windows of the House closed or only a jar If we go on a car trip with the cat we Have to take the same precautions with The windows and with the air Conditioning If you want to continue learning about Health problems in cats and how to treat Them don’t miss the playlist we share Here Has your cat ever experienced eye Problems let us know how you were able To deal with it and we’ll see you next Time [Music]

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