How To Trim Dog Nails Using Cutie Pet’s Dog Nail Clippers Learn how to trim your dog’s nails with Cutie Pet’s Dog Nail Clippers for Cat and Dog Toenails. Give your dog the very best for paw care. Our dog nail clippers are made from high quality stainless steel and comfort plastic. They come if fun and exciting colors which will insure you and your pet have a great time trimming their claws. In this video you will learn the four simple steps to trimming you dog’s toenails. Just follow along and have fun! Learn more at or connect with us at,.,.,,

Do you have a furry family member that Needs tender loving care well look no Further than cutie pets dog nail Clippers so follow these 4 simple steps And give your pet the paw care they need Step number one be sure to use sharp High-quality clippers like cutie pets Dog nail clippers step number two pull Their legs pets are often cooperative When it comes to having their nails Trimmed and those who are handled often When younger are more likely to comply You may need to work to keep them still If you’re working alone have your pet Lie down on the floor or table and trim The nails one paw at a time if you’re Grooming a larger pet or if they’re Apprehensive have someone sit them down And hold out their paw while you use the Clippers have your partner reassure your Pet to help move things along step Number three take only the edge off Remember that you should only remove the Very end of your pets nails the nerve Ending or quick in your pets nails grow Longer as the nails grow longer so if Your pets nails are long you will need To clip them bit by bit leaving a week Or so between clippings so the quick can Reseed if you clip too far your pets paw Will bleed cutie pet nail clippers come Equipped with a safety guard that Prevent causing harm to your furry pals Paws rule of thumb make one clip only on

Each nail per clipping and wait a week To clip again if needed step number four Thank your pet very much give your furry Family member a treat or a good petting To thank them for their cooperation Cutey pets claw trimmers for dog and cat Toenails give your pet the very best for Their health they’re made from sharp High-quality stainless steel and comfort Plastic and come with a 100% lifetime Guarantee Visit us at and get them for Your furry family member today You

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