How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails at Home 🐶 STEP BY STEP WITH TIPS

Do you know why it is so important to trim your dog’s nails? You might notice they are getting a little longer, but not think anything about it. Actually, if your dog’s claws are too long, they can cause serious harm and injury to your canine companion. Here are at AnimalWised we not only explain why, but show you the importance of keeping your dog’s nails at the right length. We show you how to trim your dog’s nails at home 🐶 with our step-by-step guide. We also provide all the information you need to keep your dog safe and happy through the clipping process by giving you our key tips on how to trim your dog’s nails safely and effectively.

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Keeping a dog’s claws in perfect Condition is imperative to avoid leg Injuries if we acquire the right tools It’s possible to trim the nails Ourselves of course we need the right Method along with these tools so Animalwise brings you the step-by-step Guide to cutting your dog’s claws at Home with some helpful tips to ensure it Goes smoothly [Music] Why is it important to cut your dog’s Nails Normally dogs wear their nails down when Walking on hard ground this might not Always happen so we should check them Ourselves to see if they are too long if A dog’s nails grew excessively they will Be unable to walk properly and Comfortably they begin to adopt awkward Postures leading to serious health Problems such as sprains or injuries to Their paws also the nail can grow so Long that it burrows into the skin Leading to pain and potential infection How often should the nails be cut A dog’s nails should not exceed the pads Of their paws as soon as we see them Start to approach the end of the paw pad It’s time for a trim What does it take to cut a dog’s nails To be able to cut the nails of a dog at Home without hurting them you’ll need The appropriate tools for small and

Medium sized dogs the most advisable Thing is to use a pair of clippers Preferably with a guard like this It’s important to note that trimmers Like claws come in several sizes so it’s Essential to choose the size which best Suits our dog For larger dogs it is best to choose a Guillotine style clipper with a more Effective design And if we are too unsure of our own Ability to trim a dog’s nails with Clippers as they do not like to be Manipulated we can still use a nail Grinder instead it’s easy to use and Allows us to file the dog’s nails to the Perfect length Finally we recommend having styptic or Silver nitrate harder to stop Hemorrhaging if you accidentally cut too Much both can be found in veterinary Clinics [Music] Now that we have the right tools we can Talk about the formation of the dog’s Nails and how far we should cut inside The nail is living tissue which we Should never cut since this would cause Great pain to the animal the tissue can Be observed by looking at the nail in The light showing a line of pink Coloration which doesn’t extend to the Tip this is our cutting limit it is also Imperative we cut in a straight line or

At a slight angle which follows the Natural shape of the nail if your dog Has black nails and you cannot see the Tissue you should place the dog in a Flat surface and trim the nails on the Ground Now we start with these steps if this is The first time you’ve trimmed your dog’s Nails you should familiarize them with The clippers and relate them to positive Stimuli to do this let them smell the Clippers and give them a reward when They do this must be done for a few days Before the clipping create a relaxed Environment and accustom your dog to Being touched on their legs if you Haven’t done so already Ask another person to help by holding The dog Grab one of the nails and examine it to See the living tissue and know how far To cut cut the nail with clippers in a Quick and safe motion if you take too Long it can make the dog nervous and They’ll try to escape repeat with all The other nails For black nails you can use the grinder Simply turn it on and place the nail in The right part following the product Instructions If you cut too much stay cam stop the Bleeding with the powder and reassure The dogs so they are come as well In addition to the previous guide we

Share some tricks and extra tips to Ensure this is a positive experience for Everyone touch their paws and nails on a Regular basis so they get used to being Handled Present the clipping tools positively And reassure them not to be scared Avoid cutting your dog’s nails when Stressed nervous or in a hurry it’s best To carry this out when can During the nail cutting session don’t Forget to use words of encouragement and Reassuring pets so they associate the Experience positively if you notice You’re too tired or nervous stop and do It at another more appropriate time Synthetic pheromones can sometimes help Create a relaxed environment if you Adopt your dog as a puppy start this Routine as soon as possible Only use clippers which are dog specific Be patient and positive as not all dogs Will get used to this routine quickly if Your dog has a lot of fur on their paws It’s best to trim this before clipping Their nails When to go to the veterinarian If your dog is too uncomfortable being Manipulated or even shows aggression During a clipping it’s best to go to a Vet or professional groomer to have Their nails cut Also if your dog’s nails are black it May also be preferable to visit a

Specialist Have you found this video useful do you Have any stories about trimming your Dog’s nails If so leave a comment below subscribe to Discover new videos and we’ll see you Next time [Music] You

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